Gym Equipment To Workout with at Home

Regarding your budget, the cost of gym equipment can be spread out over time. Thus, by using equipment at home, you will be saving what you would pay monthly in a gym.
Gym Equipment To Workout with at Home

Last update: 14 August, 2018

Have you considered the idea of making a workout space in your home? We evaluate the best alternatives, in terms of gym equipment, to workout with at home. Each has its advantages and different uses, so it is important to think carefully before making an investment.

The benefit of having a home gym is saving time. You can exercise at any time of day, in your home. Also, if you normally use the car or public transport to go to the gym, you will save money every day.

The bad thing, on the other hand, is that motivation can disappear over time. Many professionals claim that seeing other people progressing, encourages us to work harder. Basically, competition makes us better.


Tips for setting up a home gym

If you have decided to buy gym equipment to workout with at home, try to keep the following tips in mind:

  • Place it in an illuminated and ventilated area. If you put it in the basement or in a room that you never enter, it will hardly remind you to use it.
  • Buy machines that you are really going to use. If you acquire a very complex device or one that you do not like, it will be a very unproductive investment.
  • Follow a routine and set short and long-term goals, just as if you were in a gym. For this, get advice from a professional.

Gym equipment for your home

Have no idea where to start? Don’t worry, all gym equipment has its advantages. Here we present some options for you to decide which one you are most interested in, as the first piece for your home gym:

Stationary bicycle

It’s almost a given in the homes of those who want to exercise. However, stationary bicycles often end up gathering dust. Make sure that this doesn’t happen to you and commit to taking advantage of the benefits for cardiovascular health.

Woman on a stationary bicycle equipment.

Also, remember that it is an excellent way to burn fat and calories. If your goal is to lose weight, you will find the bicycle to be a great ally.


An option very similar to the previous one. The difference between the stationary bicycle and the elliptical machine is that, with the latter, you also exercise your upper body and your hip muscles, since the exercise is done standing up. Many devices allow both uses.

Multipurpose exercise equipment

It’s the most popular option when it comes to creating a home workout space. You may be a little scared when you see the cost, but you should know that its functionality is very broad.

With these machines you can work your legs, both standing and sitting; arms (biceps and triceps) and chest: shoulder, back, and dorsals.

If we had to point out a defect, we would mention its limitation, in terms of weight. While some machines allow you to add small discs to the default weights, many will not let you do that.

That’s why many advanced athletes give up on them. Another disadvantage would be their difficulty of transportation, since they are quite heavy.


Many fans of the gym choose to buy a bench and a bar with its respective weights. Although it can be somewhat expensive, it’s a great way to work your chest, arms and even your back. If you buy more than one bar, you can do more exercises.

If you lean towards this option, you could choose an adjustable bench. Thus, you can work different muscles with the same items.


Although they are not strictly gym equipment, dumbbells can be used with the bench to expand the variety of exercises you can perform. Also, you can also use them to workout whilst standing, or on the floor.

Rowing machine

While it’s one of the most expensive options in the field of fitness equipment, it’s an excellent way to train many muscles in the body. In addition, another of its advantages is that it is great for doing cardio at home.


For running fans, the treadmill can be an excellent investment. It’ll be the solution for aerobic exercises on rainy days, or if it is too cold or hot.

Other alternatives to gym equipment

TRX Bands

If you don’t like working with machines or you’re looking for cheaper alternatives, TRX bands can help you too. You can attach these to the stairs, a beam, on a low ceiling or use a door anchor to do all kinds of exercises with them.

Woman working out with pullup bar equipment.

Pull-up bar

Installing one or more pull-up bars in a corner of your home, will allow you to work with the weight of your own body. Thus, you can do pull-ups, chest, and work your triceps without ever leaving your home.

Jump rope

One more option in terms of cardio. Jumping rope is a very demanding exercise, ideal to relax and burn calories at any time of the day and in just a matter of minutes.

As you can see, you shouldn’t spend a fortune on setting up a mini gym at home. The main thing is to optimize resources and invest in equipment that you are going to use, that will interest you, and above all, that you will use to achieve your training objectives.


This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.