Home Weight Training Exercises

No doubt your home is full of objects and tools that you can use in a weight training program. All you need is a little bit of initiative and motivation.
Home Weight Training Exercises

Last update: 29 August, 2018

Do you think that you can’t do home weight training exercises because you don’t have the same machines and equipment that the gym does? Nothing could be farther from the truth! In this article, we’re going to show you a routine that you can do in your own home. And implementing it is easy!

Anything goes at home!

Look around you. You won’t find any dumbbells or plates. Nor will you see benches or pectoral press machines. Still, you can let your imagination fly a little and take advantage of what you do have around you to enjoy home weight training.

Who says you need sophisticated, latest gym equipment to workout with? To replace a step machine, use a ladder. If you want to lift weights, lift up a chair instead. You can even have your young children sit on your back while you do push-ups!


Exercises for triceps and home weight training

If you want to do different weight training exercises at home, you might use water bottles filled with dirt or sand. On the other hand, you can use bags filled with clothes or toys. Other possible equipment could be containers filled with water, books, or even packets of flour, rice, or any other food. Even pots with plants in them will work. No more excuses!

Home weight training routine

Once you have chosen your favorite object to use for weight training at home, the second step is to plan a full routine. You can calculate the weights depending on the object you use. Then you can increase the weight later on.

1. Pectorals

For a well-shaped chest, you can do a number of exercises. Take a bottle filled with sand in each hand (or whatever you have at your disposal). Then lay down on the smoothest surface that you can find. You might want to put two chairs together in order to support your back and your thighs. After that, put your feet on the ground.

Stretch your arms out in front of your chest with your palms facing forward. Then, bend your elbows and open out your arms so that they’re shoulder-height. Repeat this movement ten times.

Another exercise you can do – in the same position as the previous one – is called the pullover. It involves bringing your arms towards the back of your head. Start with your elbows stretched out to chest height. Then slowly bend them, so that they go past the line of your forehead. Complete ten repetitions.

2. Shoulders

For these muscles, there are dozens of options for weight-training exercises that can be done at home. These can be done standing or sitting. You can, for example, do a shoulder press. This can be done with dumbbells or any other object, with one in each hand. Start with the arms flexed in such a way that your hands are at shoulder-height. Then push up your arms above your head, until the two objects touch. Do twenty repetitions for this.

Lateral flies are also easy to do and they bring excellent results. Start with your arms at the sides of your body or in front your belly. Lift them towards your sides until they are at shoulder-height (known as crossed arms) and keep them there for a few seconds. Then go back to your initial position and do twenty repetitions.

3. Biceps

There are many exercises that you can do at home to improve the bicep muscles. The most basic of these is the curl. While standing, take one weight in each hand. Your palms should be facing forwards and your hands should be at the same height as your thighs. Bend your right arm so that the weight comes up to shoulder-height. Then lower it and do the same with the other side. In total, you should do ten repetitions, per side.

Concentration curls are another option if you have a piece of furniture that inclines (a sofa or a desk chair, for example). Support your right arm on the “bench” and hold the desired weight. Bend the elbow or just “separate” the bicep and the hand. Do twenty curls before switching sides.

4. Abdominals

Almost any abdominal exercises can be performed with or without weight. You can place the plate (or whatever you’re using) on your abdomen and do pelvis elevations. You should do these while lying on your mat. Just bend your knees and support the soles of your feet. Your arms should remain at the sides of your body.

Elevate your pelvis in order to get it off of the ground, and form an imaginary diagonal line with your knees and your torso. The goal is for your shoulder blades and your head not to rise off of the ground at any point.

5. Legs


Girl and home weight training

Weight-training exercises at home for legs are similar to those that are done without weights. Experts recommend that you do these only if you are familiar with the technique. For example, you can do squats with a plate, holding it with both hands and putting it between your knees. Lunges with a dumbbell in each hand are also an option. You can also do straight-leg deadlifts. You can perform these by bringing the torso downwards and at the same time letting your glutes move backwards.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.