How to Beat a Sedentary Lifestyle

The first step to increase your levels of physical activity is to want to do it. Willpower, a little planning, and some perseverance can make the difference. Although there are no magic formulas, it is a proven fact that those who exercise have a better quality of life.
How to Beat a Sedentary Lifestyle

Last update: 18 December, 2018

To lead a full life and reduce your risk of developing health problems, it is necessary to have a good diet, keep stress under control and not fall into a sedentary lifestyle. However, meeting these basic standards isn’t always an easy task.

What is a sedentary lifestyle?

A sedentary person, according to the parameters established by the World Health Organization, is one that does not meet the minimum daily recommended physical activity time. A figure that is equal to 30 minutes, not necessarily continuous.

WHO considers that the lack of mobility in contemporary societies is a serious problem. According to estimates, more than 60 percent of the world population is in the sedentary category. This is a fact that is directly related to the increase in serious health conditions, such as cardiovascular diseases.

The consequences

Being overweight is usually considered to be synonymous with a sedentary lifestyle. Although it’s perhaps the most obvious consequence (not to mention that it doesn’t always lack physical activity), it’s not the only one.

Different conditions such as diabetes and hypertension are among the consequences; also episodes of anxiety or problems with self-esteem. This is how those muscles that do not exercise regularly, progressively lose elasticity and strength.

What to do?

It’s advisable to sign up for a regular physical activity. The most widespread idea is to opt for a gym, although it is not the only one. Athletics or cycling and sports that can be practiced outdoors are good alternatives.

Tennis, soccer, basketball, swimming, and others- the possibilities are numerous. A 30-minute daily walk is also an option Monday through Friday.

Woman swimming and beating a sedentary lifestyle.

Beyond sports

To leave sedentarism behind, it is not absolutely necessary to sign up to any of the options mentioned above. Within your daily routine, even by applying just small variations that don’t involve drastic changes, can make a difference. Choose activities that generate the daily physical activity that the body needs.


To the office, the supermarket or school. Whenever possible, walking is an activity that shouldn’t be avoided. If going to the workplace without a car is not an option, parking it at a distance is a valid alternative. The same happens when it comes to avoiding elevators and escalators.

To gain speed and intensity, the bicycle is an ideal daily means of transportation; besides not generating pollution. Even moving on roller skates is a possibility!

People on roller skates beating a sedentary lifestyle.

You have to move at work

The list of workers who perform their regular activities sitting for hours in front of computers never seems to stop growing. This does not imply that these people have to spend hours without moving.

The mere fact of answering the mobile phone is a good time to break from sitting in the chair. If you have to send information to a co-worker, walk to their location and communicate personally. This is preferable to sending a message.

Active holidays

The holiday periods are the ideal time to beat a sedentary lifestyle. There are many options, such as swimming on a beach or hiking a mountain. Even taking the time to walk through the city where you live are all activities that allow you to move your body.

Girls surfing and beating a sedentary lifestyle.


Dance sessions are gaining more followers. Caribbean rhythms such as salsa or even reggaeton are specially designed to move the body. In addition, it has been shown that the list of benefits that come with including this activity in daily life is even more extensive than that of many traditional sports.

Immediate benefits

Although the adaptation to physical activity should be done gradually, the benefits of leaving behind the sedentary lifestyle will appear almost immediately. Once the body gets used to moving, we can’t stop!

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