How to Use Cardio Machines Effectively

Although it is true that cardio helps to burn calories and tone your muscles, it should always be combined with lifting weights, which burn fat calories even more quickly and effectively than cardio machines.
How to Use Cardio Machines Effectively

Last update: 12 July, 2018

One of the most common mistakes that people make while exercising, is thinking that more is better. And then they believe that cardio is the only exercise to tone or help them lose fat. So they spend hours on the same exercises and working the same muscles. Do you know how to use cardio machines effectively?

What are cardio machines?

Cardio machines are fitness equipment used for cardiovascular training, in order to burn fat and tone various parts of the body. If you know how to use cardio machines effectively, they can improve your physical condition and your blood circulation.

Treadmill Cardio Machine

Trust yourself and your potential; with will and perseverance, change and results will come.

Although every machine serves a purpose, each one usually focuses on a particular body part. Therefore, it is important to know what each one is and know why, when, and how to use cardio machines effectively.

Stationary Bicycle

Bicycles have been part of our lives forever. The stationary bikes that you have at home or use in the gym focus on working the lower body, including your thighs and hips. Additionally, the ones that allow you to be seated also work your abs.

On the other hand, the ones used for spinning are very useful in order to strengthen the muscular tissue of your back and lumbar, thus helping to avoid possible discomfort and pain.


Woman Doing Cardio on Elliptical

This machine, which become popular recently, is ideal for not only shaping your buttocks and legs, but also for warming up and burning fat and calories quickly. In fact, it is possible to burn more fat on the elliptical than with a treadmill.


Although the greatest impact is on your legs, with the treadmill it is possible to work several areas of your body at once. This is in addition to keeping your body active, due to the high vascular pressure that is created through running.


Rowing machines are sometimes the most ignored at the gym, but they are extremely effective. In addition to burning large amounts of calories, they also allow you to work out your legs, back, arms, and abdominals at the same time. This alone makes trying out the machine worth it.

Vibrating Platform

Although it has long been sold as the “cellulite-killer,” the vibrating platform machine has been proven to have positive effects that are nothing to do with cellulite. It is actually a platform to make your entire body vibrate and activates bodily fluids, allowing their circulation to flow more smoothly. This allows everything in your body to function correctly.

Stair Master

The stair master machine is ideal for toning your glutes, calves, and thighs. It also burns an incredible amount of calories and stimulates your blood flow. The only disadvantage is that it greatly affects the knees. So if you have knee problems, you should be careful on this machine.

Ski Machine

You no longer need to have snow thanks to the ski cardio machine. With it, you will exercise your whole body and the results will be visible before you know it.

How to use cardio machines effectively

Cardio Machine

As we said before, cardio machines are ideal for burning fat. But sometimes, we forget a latent truth: the body gets used to repetitive movements. Therefore, it will not help to go to the gym every day if you do cardio and nothing else. Much less, if we always use the same machines.

If you want your training to be effective, you should aim for between 10 and 20 minutes of warm up on the elliptical, the bicycle or the treadmill. Then, complete a circuit of weights, strength exercises, and abdominals. Finally, finish the workout with about 20 minutes of cardio again.

Cardio machines are there to help you warm up and cool down, and this is the best way to use them. Therefore, try to create your own training routine or ask the trainers at your gym to help you make one.


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