Resistance Band Exercises

If you're wondering what equipment could improve your workouts, resistance bands are a great investment because they help you work all the muscles in your body. Today, we'll show you some of the best resistance band exercises.
Resistance Band Exercises

Last update: 21 March, 2020

Resistance band exercises add an additional challenge to your workout and are great for all-around training. They’re a perfect addition to your workout and anyone can use them, no matter what kind of shape you’re in. They’re easy to learn to use, so whether you’re an experienced athlete or a beginner, you can incorporate them.

These bands are a good option for adding some resistance to your workout. They’re a fun way to mix up your workout, their effectiveness and their ease of use make them a popular option these days in gyms all over the world.

The best resistance band exercises

Resistance bands come in different shapes and sizes. Some have handles and some don’t, and they allow you to tone your muscles by adding the correct amount of resistance to your movements. For most of the exercises, we’ll share with you today, we recommend two or three sets of 8 to 25 reps. If you do these exercises regularly, it won’t take long to see results!

1. Push-ups with resistance bands

Resistance bands are a great addition to one of the most traditional exercises: push-upsThis bodyweight exercise involves getting down in a plank position, with both arms straight, and the resistance band placed on your upper back. You should hold the ends of the band with your thumbs, the weight of your palms on the ground will keep the band from moving.

A guy working out with resistance bands.

From there, engage your glutes and abs and bend your arms, lowering your chest towards the ground, then come back up with your arms straight again. Repeat. After a few sessions, you’ll be able to significantly increase your repetitions.

2. Resistance band exercises: lateral arm raises

Another great exercise with resistance bands is lateral arm raises. This move isolates the muscles in your shoulders to build strength. Stand with your feet shoulder-distance apart, with both feet on the center of the resistance band.

A person doing resistance band exercises.

From there, hold on to the end of the band (or the handle, if your resistance bands have handles). With your arms straight, elbows slightly flexed, lift your arms out to the sides until they get to shoulder height. Lower down slowly, and do a total of 20 reps.

3. Glute exercises

The following exercise uses resistance bands to tone your glutes. You’ll start on your hands and knees on the floor, with a resistance band around your left ankle and under your right foot.

Raise your right leg and extend it straight back, resisting the pull of the band. The goal here is to straighten your leg as much as possible, and then slowly return to your initial position.

A woman doing a glute exercise.

If you want to make this exercise harder, do the same movement, but hold the ends of the bands in each hand, and loop the middle of the band around the foot of the leg you’re working.

4. Abdominal exercises

You can work your abs with resistance bands if you loop the band around the tops of your feet. You’ll start lying on your back on the floor with your knees bent, as in the photo, your feet should be hovering off the floor.

A woman working out in her apartment.

Next, lift your head and place your hands lightly on your head, just behind your ears. Try to pedal your feet as if you were on a bicycle, while you engage your abs.

5. Bicep curls: resistance band exercises

The last of our resistance band exercises are a simple and effective way to work your biceps. Start with the resistance band under both feet, holding the ends in your hands. Your arms should be straight and your palms facing forward, as shown in the photo at the top of the article.

Basically, the exercise involves slowly raising your hands towards your shoulders, taking advantage of the resistance that the bands offer to work the muscles in your arms. Lower them down gradually until you reach the starting position. That’s one rep, you can do as many as you need. The key to this exercise is to keep your elbows glued to your sides during the whole movement.

As you can see, resistance band exercises are an excellent addition to any workout routine. Now that you know some of these exercises, what are you waiting for? Try them today!

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