Seven Shoulder Exercises Using an Elastic Band

The advantage of this type of activity is that each individual can work with their own strength and resistance. Therefore, the elastic band shoulder exercises that you will see here, are not only incredibly simple, but also allow people of all ages to exercise according to their ability and limitation.
Seven Shoulder Exercises Using an Elastic Band

Last update: 24 July, 2018

Among the many accessories available to people for use whilst exercising, elastic bands stand out for their practicality. In all kinds of spaces, we can use them to work a large number of muscle groups. Below, we will give you some great shoulder exercises using an elastic band. Let us not waste any time and … get to work!

Seven shoulder exercises using an elastic band

1. Rowing up to the neck

To begin this activity, you must step on the band with your foot, just at the middle of its length. This way, it will be divided into two equal parts, each of which (logically) you will hold with each hand.

The exercise consists of bringing your hands from a full extension – that is, from down near your waist – up to your neck or chin. Throughout the exercise, your elbows should be facing outwards. At the moment of complete flexion, they should be above your shoulders.

A variant of this exercise is to do it with your hands together. Of course, you must join the ends of the band, in order to achieve a closed grip.

2. Lateral raises

Next, we have an exercise similar to the previous one: again, you will step on the band with one foot. Then, with one hand on each end, you will extend your arms out to the sides, forming a cross with your body and arms. The movement is similar to that of a bird flapping its wings.

Your arms should remain semi-extended. This means that your elbows must remain slightly bent at all times. Do not raise your arms too high. Just going slightly over the height of your shoulders should work perfectly well for this exercise.

Elastic Band

3. Frontal raises

Although this activity is similar to the previous one, it has some marked differences. In addition to working a different part of your shoulder muscles, this exercise also requires you to step on the band with both feet.

From here, do the same movement as in the previous exercise, but forwards. Again, you should go from your waist to a little above your shoulders.

4. Shoulder press with elastic band

This is one of the shoulder exercises using an elastic band that closely emulates what we do in the gym. As with the first exercise, place the band below one foot. In this case, place it under the foot that is farther back.

Then, imitate the movement you would make with the bar at the bench. That is, hold the grips with your elbows bent at 90 degree angles and push up, so that your arms extend above your head. Your arms should end up fully extended.

5. Arm stretch

For this exercise, you must place the band around a column or tree. Stand at a medium distance, so that the band is tight whilst you extend your arms, holding an end with each hand.

The exercise consists of opening up your arms and bringing them to your sides, still raised and mostly extended. Two important considerations: again, your arms should be at the height of your shoulders and, in addition, should be slightly bent, as with the raises.

6. External rotation

This is an excellent way to work your shoulder’s rotator cuff. With the band still on the column or tree, hold both grips with one hand.

You must stand upright, with the column or tree at one of your sides. Then, with the arm farthest from the column, form a 90 degree angle with your elbow. Finally, rotate that shoulder so that the grip goes from the front of your body to the side; that is, the fist holding the band should be pointing outwards, and always with your elbow bent.

7. Alternating shoulder press

With this exercise, you will see another example of the shoulder press. The difference is that by doing it one arm at a time, it simulates the type of work you do with dumbbells.

elastic band shoulder press

Wrap the band at the bottom of a column or another stable support. Then, stand at a distance that allows the band to be tight. Do not stand with your feet aligned. Instead, place one foot in front of the other.

Then, adopt the same position as for the shoulder press described above. Instead of extending both arms simultaneously, do it one at a time.

As you can see, shoulder exercises using an elastic band are extremely simple and variable. In addition, you can regulate the series, repetitions, and the requirement of each activity at your own whim. Do not wait any longer to try them!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.