Six Alternative Ab Exercises For Your Routine

Discover some alternative exercises to work your abs and complement your routine. You can do all of these at home, without any extra equipment.
Six Alternative Ab Exercises For Your Routine

Last update: 13 December, 2018

We all want a flat and toned abdomen, but doing crunches is hard work! Therefore, in the next article, we’ll tell you about some alternative ab exercises that you can add to your routine. They’re just as effective as traditional exercises!

The best alternative ab exercises

You may have become bored of doing crunches or you may have read that they can cause back and cervical pain? However, this doesn’t mean that you have to say goodbye to your desire for a toned and flat belly! So, what can you do instead? Below, we suggest the best alternatives to ab exercises:

1. Plank

More and more people are starting to love this exercise since it replaces crunches perfectly. Some people even say that doing a 3-minute plank is the same as doing 100 repetitions of crunches.

Girl doing a plank

To do a plank, you must lay face down on an exercise mat, with the tips of your toes, your forearms and your hands touching the floor. The rest of your body should remain suspended in the air, as parallel to the ground as possible.

Once you master the technique, you can choose from many different versions. For example, you can open up your legs to the sides, move your heels back and forth, lift one leg, etc.

2. Side plank

This is another one of the best alternative ab exercises, as it also works your obliques. You should start on your right side, using your right forearm, hand, and foot to support yourself. Raise your body so it is perpendicular to the floor.

Girl doing a side plank

To maintain a better balance, you can extend your free arm and turn your head up to the ceiling. This exercise also has many variants.

For example, you can flex your knee and bring it up to your chest, while you lean your body towards your belly. Don’t forget to do the same number of repetitions on each side (first your right side and then your left side, or vice versa).

3. Leg elevations

There are many different exercises that you can use to work your abs. With this particular one, you’ll be working on the lower part of your belly. Lay on your back, with the palms of your hands underneath your thighs. Stretch out your legs completely.

Girl doing leg elevations on a ball

Lift your back slightly from the exercise mat and do the same thing with your legs. Hold this position for at least 30 seconds. Other variants are to move your legs up and down alternatively, to open and close your legs or to elevate them as if you were trying to touch the ceiling with the tips of your toes.

4. Side leg elevations

These alternative ab exercises also work your glutes, torso, and abductors. And your legs as well! It’s a very complete exercise, and it requires no excessive effort on your part.

To start, lie on your side with your legs stretched out. Place your lower arm on the exercise mat and flex your elbow. Rest your head on your hand.

Open your leg to form a “V” shape and hold that position for 30 seconds. Lower it slowly without touching the “lower” leg and don’t bend it at all. Repeat this 15 times before you switch sides.

5. Curl and stretch your body

Some people would call this movement, ‘curling up in a ball’ because this is the shape that your body should acquire. To start, you should lay on your back, on an exercise mat. Your legs should be stretched out and your arms should be on top of your head.

Guy curling up in a ball

Using the strength of your abs and pushing with your arms, lift your body while you flex your knees. The idea is that your thighs are able to touch your abs and that you can wrap your arms around your legs. Count to three and stretch out again to finish the first repetition. Do 30 repetitions of this exercise.

6. V crunches

Lastly, another alternative ab exercise requires certain coordination and ab strength so that you can do it properly. It consists of forming a “V” shape with your body. Your legs would be one side of the V, and your torso would be the other side. Try to hold this position for one whole minute!

With these ab exercises, you can say goodbye to traditional routines and still achieve a toned abdomen, faster than you think!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.