Stay in Shape with these Beach Exercises

The beach is a place for leisure, relaxation and fun, and yet at the same time, it's perfect to workout. The instability of the sand will challenge your muscles by making them put the extra effort in, to maintain your balance. 
Stay in Shape with these Beach Exercises

Last update: 12 February, 2019

The sun, the sand, the wind… it all sounds like a great way to spend an amazing weekend. And, in fact, the beach has many fun and beautiful things to enjoy. Why not seize it to work out? Stay in shape with these beach exercises that we designed, just for you!

There are different exercises you can do at the beach either by yourself or in the company of others, that will allow you to engage with the sea and the sand. Also, it’s a great way to get out of the four walls of your gym and workout in a pleasant environment. At the beach you can exercise barefoot or with shoes on; both work fine depending on what you prefer. The important point here is that you train hard and enjoy yourself with the following exercises:

One of the most amazing beach exercises: the plank

This exercise will put your balance and core strength to the test with a little help from the sand. You can hold plank position with your arms straight or on your elbows, with your body completely straight and your toes pressed to the sand. If you like, you can do different plank variations such as the side plank or the foot-elevated plank.

Plank on the beach.

Stay in shape even during your leisure days; there’s nothing better than seizing the beautiful spaces you’re in to get the amazing healthy body that you want. Besides, you’ll be having a wonderful view of the sea, connecting with the environment and with yourself too. Do these beach exercises and you’ll see how easy it is to follow a fitness lifestyle anywhere.

Long jump

This is an athletic exercise that consists of jumping as high as you can and landing in a squatting position. Usually, people do long jumps over a concrete floor but your landing will be on wet sand. At the beach you may choose either wet or dry sand; it doesn’t matter since the impact on your joints when jumping on the sand is very gentle.

To do one long jump, take impulse by running and then jump as far ahead as you can and land in a regular squat. It’s extremely important that you do a full and proper squat. If you finish your jump by impacting on lightly bent knees, your joints will most likely suffer.


Who can resist taking a good bath in salt water to wash away the tension and train the muscles at the same time? Make sure you swim when the sea isn’t too rough. There’s no rocket science behind swimming for fun, so you have the freedom to enjoy the sea as you please. 

Swimming at the beach.

Playing ultimate frisbee

Ultimate frisbee is a sport in which the protagonist is a flying disc. Sounds fun? Kids play it all the time at the park! It’s more of a leisure sport and there needs to be more than one person to play it. The game consists of throwing the disc and the other person must catch it. That’s it! 

If you don’t have a frisbee, you can use a ball; the idea is to keep moving and use your reflexes.

Bear crawl

The bear crawl is a CrossFit exercise, it’s super easy and it doesn’t require any type of equipment. At first sight, it may seem like plain old crawling, but actually, just as the name suggests, it’s about moving forward or “walking” as bears do. This exercise must be performed at a fairly quick pace because its effectiveness relies on speed.

In order to do it, you must adopt a position where your knees are on the floor at hip-width. Your hands must also be on the floor and your back should be straight. Now, take a step forward with one hand and the foot opposite to it. Your knees come up, flexed but without touching the sand.

In the beginning, it may be quite complicated to coordinate your hand and the opposite foot when walking, but with a little practice, you’ll master it in no time. This exercise is ideal to do at the beach since moving through the sand will make you burn lots of calories. 

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