TBC: Tone Muscles and Burn Fat in Just 30 Minutes

TBC, or Total Body Conditioning, is a comprehensive workout program that uses a few simple pieces of equipment to strengthen muscles. In just 30 minutes, it incorporates cardiovascular and strength training in one workout.
TBC: Tone Muscles and Burn Fat in Just 30 Minutes

Last update: 22 August, 2018

It can sometimes seem as if life becomes more and more hectic, making it even more difficult to find the time to exercise. A busy lifestyle also makes it easier to become sedentary, which leads to weight gain and health problems. But all is not lost, there’s a quick and simple way to stay in shape through TBC. We will tell you how this works.

Benefits of TBC

Never heard of TBC (Total Body Conditioning)? Not to worry, here we’re going to explain all the benefits of TBC. Although many people want to tone their muscles and lose fat, it’s too easy to get caught up in workouts that might not be very effective in the long term.

Basically, strengthening muscle and burning fat requires an effective combination of cardio and strength training. Achieving your fitness goals using only one type of workout is very difficult.

TBC uses a variety of exercises to get results

On the other hand, TBC effectively strengthens muscles and burns fat with a variety of exercises, and by using exercise bands, steps and bars. This makes TBC a comprehensive, stress reducing workout. The brief 30 minute workouts are also easy to fit into a busy schedule.

A comprehensive workout

TBC workouts are beneficial for your entire body. Because this workout routine uses a wide variety of exercises, it prevents muscle imbalance. On the contrary, it strengthens your entire body at once.

A TBC workout usually contains the following:

  • A warm-up: the first step of the workout, and this will prepare the body for physical activity. Normally it’s a few aerobic exercises just to warm-up your body.
  • Workouts targeting specific muscle groups: this part of the workout uses high intensity workouts to strengthen and tone muscles.
  • Ab workout: TBC uses a variety of workouts to strengthen your abs, sometimes using equipment.
  • Stretching: the final stage of the workout, it’s less intense, and helps you to cool down with stretches. Post-workout stretches also prevent cramps, tight muscles or injuries.
TBC is great for strengthening your abs

Clearly, Total Body Conditioning is appropriately named, as it trains and strengthens every part of your body. On top of that, TBC sometimes uses a step or exercise bands to add some variety and fun to the workouts. Each workout also has motivational background music, helping you to strengthen muscles and burn fat.

Strengthen your body

TBC workouts help you to strengthen muscles, improve coordination and cardiovascular fitness. And, the post-workout stretches will improve flexibility, reducing risk of injury or tight muscles after the session ends.

TBC is a comprehensive, full-body workout, that can significantly improve body composition to improve both aesthetics and physical fitness. But of course, for a TBC workout to be effective, you must also eat a healthy diet and get enough rest.

Not only that, TBC workouts are only 30 minutes long, it’s easy to find the time to get some exercise in each day. You can no longer say that you don’t have the time to exercise. It’s also important to remember that physical activity has many mental health benefits too For example, if you’re stressed out, TBC can actually help you to feel better.

Strengthen muscles, improve your fitness, and burn fat with TBC. Incorporate this effective full body workout into your daily routine to train your body, and who knows? It might become the favorite part of your day. Try TBC and strengthen your body in just 30 minutes.


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