The Benefits of The Dumbbell Upright Row

Although it's not the most common fitness routine, the upright row is very effective. Learn how to strengthen your shoulders and triceps with this great exercise.
The Benefits of The Dumbbell Upright Row

Last update: 08 March, 2019

Each and every exercise that we perform at the gym has a least one specific benefit associated with it. In the next article, we’ll tell you about the dumbbell upright row and what it’s for.

What is the dumbbell upright row?

This exercise is found in many gym routines, mainly in the ones where the goal is growing your triceps and strengthening the shoulders.

With this exercise, you work a lot of muscles, because it’s a complex movement that works the upper part of your body. By doing the dumbbell upright row exercise, you’ll be strengthening your deltoids, trapezius, forearms, dorsals, brachial anterior muscle, serratus muscles, and the teres major muscle.

The dumbbell upright row is performed by holding these free weights, one in each hand. The palms of your hands must be facing in, towards your torso.

Then, slightly flex your knees and take your chest to the front, bending at your waist a little. It’s really important that you don’t force your spine; actually, experts don’t recommend this exercise for people with lower back, spinal or dorsal problems.

Your back must be as straight as possible with your head held high, looking straight ahead. The dumbbells will be ‘hanging’ at your sides.

After this, lift the dumbbells up while you inhale. Your elbows should pass over your shoulders. After holding this position for a few seconds, the next step is to stretch your arms slowly, while you exhale.

What are the benefits of the dumbbell upright row?

There are plenty of advantages to performing this exercise that’s used in so many routines. First of all, it creates muscle fiber in your chest and shoulders; that’s why many bodybuilders and people who want to gain muscle use it. Other benefits of the dumbbell upright row are:

1. It allows for hypertrophy

If you want to achieve well-defined muscles, like bodybuilders, this exercise shouldn’t be missing from your training. It’s good because it works your upper extremities specifically and independently. Also, the movements are slow so it defines your muscles faster.

Woman doing the dumbbell upright row

2. It corrects movement asymmetries

To do this exercise, you have to raise and lower your arms at the same time. This may look really easy, but it’s actually not. Asymmetry is really common in people who work out because we all have a side more ‘skillful’ than the other.

This way, with the dumbbell upright row, both arms work equally and are toned the same way. This way, you’ll correct any asymmetry that you may notice in your muscles.

3. It improves your balance

To do the dumbbell upright row exercise, you have to push your torso out to the front and hold the position for a few seconds. This exercise requires lifting the dumbbells, so you must maintain your balance in order not to fall.

In contrast with machine or bar exercises, movements performed with two dumbbells are perfect for balanced and coordinated movements.

4. It allows you to make greater movements

With the upright row, you’ll reinforce your range of motion, increase your strength and have more flexibility while you work on a specific part of your body. At first, you might not reach the lower part of your face; but with practice, you’ll see that you can keep raising your arms without becoming tired.

The range of motion for your arms will become bigger each time, and this will help you in the development of other exercises for your upper extremities, whether you do them with dumbbells, bars or machines.

Woman doing exercises with dumbbells

5. Increases your strength

Lastly, another benefit related to the dumbbell upright row exercise has to do with your ability to lift more and more weight. Strong shoulders are the key and this exercise will help you to develop them. Besides, it isolates the specific muscles and generates an amazing stimulus in the natural muscle fibers.

Definitely, these are enough reasons to add the dumbbell upright row to your routine. Ask your trainer if you have any doubts and ask for help so that you can do this exercise correctly.

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