The Best Stretching Exercises with a Strap or a Towel

To stretch properly during our daily workout routines, it's useful to help ourselves with many homemade items. A strap or a towel will help us stretch more effectively. 
The Best Stretching Exercises with a Strap or a Towel

Last update: 03 September, 2019

Stretching after exercise is essential to avoid injury and to make the most out of the training. It doesn’t take much time to do it. There are very simple movements that you can do with various items. For example, we can do stretching exercises with a strap or a towel.

Why is it important to stretch after training?

When we exercise our body, muscles and joints work intensely. With these movements, they contract and expand several times. After the exercise routine is over, it’s good to take some time to perform stretching exercises that relax the muscles and help them return to their normal state.

In addition to reducing muscle tension, stretching prevents painful injuries, improves posture, fluidity, and coordination of body movements. Another of its positive effects is that they also favor blood circulation.

For these reasons, it’s advisable to stretch regularly for 15 to 30 seconds, without ever feeling pain. That is, the exercises must be smooth and leisurely.

Skipping this important phase of training usually causes joint problems, nodules, or muscle strains. In the long run, people stop training because they feel discomfort and pain.

Stretching exercises with a strap or a towel

Here are some ideas for stretching programs with a strap or a towel that we can do quietly at home:

Triceps stretch from behind

We must take the towel or the strap with the right hand, raise the arm and then flex it towards the back. With the left hand, you have to grab the tip of the strap or towel and stretch down slowly. 

Over time, it’ll be convenient to increase the intensity and tension of the stretch. When you’re just starting out, it’s better to do it gently so as not to hurt the triceps; then, you should loosen the tension for a few seconds and stretch again. Repeat five times and change arms.

It's important to gradually increase the intensity of each exercise over time.

Backstretch: stretching exercises with a strap or a towel

You start by placing the towel or strap on a trellis. Then, grab the tip with your hands and stretch your back by moving your whole body backward. Loosen the tension and repeat the stretch.

Chest stretch

With the towel on your back, take each end with your hands. Stretch your back by bending forward, bringing the arms back. Your body will form a 45-degree angle. Perform this exercise gently to avoid damaging the muscles; loosen up for a few seconds and repeat.

Leg stretch for the best stretching exercises with a strap or a towel

First, lie on your back on a mat and wrap the strap around one foot. Grab the ends with your hands and lift your leg to a 90-degree angle, without bending your knee.

With this exercise, you stretch from buttocks all the way to the calf. This exercise should be performed for 30 seconds and then, repeat it with the other leg.

Remember to keep your legs straight while stretching.

Quadriceps stretch

You first have to lie on your stomach and wrap the strap around an ankle. Grab the ends with your hands and bring your foot forward gently. You should feel your thigh stretching.

It’s important to do this kind of stretching exercise with a belt to prevent injuries that may affect the knees. We have to perform the exercise for 30 seconds, repeat three times, and change legs.

Calf stretch

Start by sitting down with your legs together, facing forward. Then, place the towel on your feet, below the toes and take both ends with your hands. Stretch it carefully towards the body, causing your feet to form an angle.

You should feel the muscles stretch from the knee down to the ankle. This exercise prevents injuries to the Achilles tendon.

This exercise stretches the lower part of your legs.

Shoulder stretch

Put the towel on one shoulder so that one end hangs behind your back and the other falls down your chest. Take the back end with one hand and with the other, stretch the towel upward. You’ll feel a slight pull on the shoulder.

Loosen and repeat three times for 30 seconds at a time on each shoulder. This exercise improves the flexibility of the shoulder joint, which favors your arms’ ability to lift in general.

This simple stretching routine with a belt or a towel helps keep your joints flexible, ready for future workouts. A hand towel, a strap, or a belt will be enough to perform them. That way, you’ll avoid injuries that cause pain and prevent you from enjoying physical exercise.

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