Three Reasons Why Your Diet Isn't Giving You the Results That You Want

Discover the mistakes that you might be making in your diet. Don't give up on your diet just because you're frustrated from not meeting your goals. Correct mistakes and get your diet back on a healthy track to lose weight efficiently.
Three Reasons Why Your Diet Isn't Giving You the Results That You Want

Last update: 27 October, 2018

People often start diets with high hopes, but fail to see any results as the days go by. If that’s your case, something isn’t right. If you want to lose weight and follow an effective diet, here’s some reasons why your diet might not be giving you the results that you want.

1. You’re not exercising as much as you should

For many people, being on a diet means eating healthy food. In reality, being on a diet actually means exercising consistently, in addition to following a healthy diet. If you’re on a diet but you aren’t getting the results that you want, the reasons behind it, might be that you’re not exercising enough.

You should aim for one hour of exercise a day. If you’re not used to being active and are out of shape, try speed walking or running for a couple minutes, then switch to regular walking when you get tired. If you alternate between running and walking, over time you’ll be able to run non-stop for the whole hour.

Lose weight walking running

By getting regular physical exercise, your body will burn fat more quickly and more efficiently. In addition, you’ll enjoy more toned, firm results. It’s a great way to end cellulite or lose the flabby skin that normally results from weight loss.

2. You’re eating too many processed foods

Another reason behind underwhelming diet results could be eating too much processed food. When we start a diet, we normally cut out unhealthy, processed foods, such as fast food or sweetened beverages.

However, there are also other foods out there that seem healthy, but are actually hindering us from meeting our diet goals. They’re processed foods that have a high added sugar and fat contents. Some examples of these foods are as follows:

  • Bottled juices. Bottled juices have large amounts of added sugar. They end up containing much more sugar than the natural version of the fruit.
  • Breakfast cereals. Similar to bottled juices, breakfast cereals have high sugar levels. Choose natural or wheat options.
  • Ice cream. Ice cream has a lot of fat and sugar. Making your own fruit ice cream at home is easy. Make your own, for a refreshing summer dessert.
  • Artificial crab sticks. These crab sticks are a common ingredient in salads. We suggest swapping them with natural, canned tuna. Artificial crab sticks contain starches and salt, on top of being made from low-quality fish.

3. You’re not eating enough

It’s time to put an end to the common belief that eating minimal amounts of food will help with weight loss. If you don’t eat enough, you’ll lack energy, feel tired and have a high probability of suffering from conditions, such as anemia.

Lose weight anemia

You should be eating sufficient amounts at every meal. Your portions should be in line with the number of calories that you’ll burn after eating. Thus, you  should be eating a hearty breakfast. Check out some of our breakfast ideas to start the day with energy.

Another mistake that people often make in their diets, is having heavy dinners. After dinner, we often just relax and don’t exercise. Consequently, dinners should be light. Heavier meals are more appropriate for breakfasts and lunches. In between those two meals, you should have a light snack, such as a piece of fruit, toast or something similar.

Have another light snack between lunch and dinner too. By eating a snack, you won’t be hungry when dinner rolls around and will be satisfied with a light meal. Another thing to remember is to never skip meals. Far from helping you to lose weight, it’ll only prevent you from slimming down.

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