Try the Best Back Muscle Routines to Gain Strength

Here are five great exercises to strengthen your back and build your muscles.
Try the Best Back Muscle Routines to Gain Strength

Last update: 02 December, 2019

The majority of athletes who work out at the gym dedicate at least one day each week to exercising their back muscles. Actually, there are many types of back muscle exercises and most likely you’re already doing a few of them. We’re going to tell you about the back exercises in this article. Read on to find out what they are!

The back has a large and complex muscular group. Therefore, it can be the most rewarding part of your body to work out, if you know how to exercise the muscles. The back muscles take part in almost all of the activities that you do every day. Because of this, it’s important that they stay sufficiently strong to handle all of the work.

The best back muscle routine

Exercises to tone the back are divided into complex movements as well as isolated movements. As with all muscles in the body, it’s possible to do back exercises up to three times a week, but not consecutively. In addition, your objectives determine the number of series and reps that you do. Also important is the intensity of your workout.

1. Rowing on the low pulley

The first exercise to work the back muscles is rowing on the low pulley. For this exercise, you’ll need access to a machine with a low pulley rowing machine.  It’ll use a V bar. For the initial position, sit on the machine and put your feet on the front platform.

A man on a low pulley illustrating the description in the text.


Lean backward while maintaining the natural alignment of your back and grab into the handles of the V bar. Lastly, with arms extended, pull back until your torso forms a 90-degree angle with your legs. You’ll see that this is an easy exercise!

2. Rowing with Dumbells for back muscle strength

This second exercise allows you to work one side independently of the other. In order to do this exercise you need to use a bench to support the left knee At the same time, you should place your right hand on the front part of the bench. Then, hold the dumbbell in your left hand.

A woman on the rowing machine holding a dumbell to illustrate the description in the text

Continuing with the exercise, stretch your left arm, keeping your back straight. The work consists of lifting the weight toward the elbow, elevating it as far as possible.

The dumbbell should stay straight, near the body and end against the hip at the upper part of the movement.  Finally, remember to keep the body rigid during this exercise.

3. Deadweight for your back muscle routine

Using deadweight for your back muscle is the best exercise to develop your back and increase general strength. But take into account that weight lifting requires a powerful contraction of the chain of back muscles of your body. These include the hamstrings, the glutes, and of course the back, which is required for dynamic stabilization of the whole body.

A man lifting deadweight to support the text describing this workout for back muscle strength.

4. Chest pulls

Chest pulls require the use of a machine in a gym.  To begin, use the wide bar of the high pulley and put the knees on the machine pad. Basically, the exercise consists of lowering the weight toward the chest from above the head, with the help of the grip you are pulling down. 

A man using the machine that allows you to do chest pulls, which supports the text describing this.

Take into consideration that when doing this exercise, it’s easy to lose form, which will lessen the necessary resistance. Also remember that you can do this exercise standing up, sitting down or varying the way you grip the bar.

5. Pull-ups for back muscle strength

And finally, pull-ups are another exercise that you should always include in your routine for back muscle toning. As you may know, all you need is a training bar to do pull-ups. Some athletes think that pull-ups are easy, although these are some of the most difficult exercises of all.

A woman doing pull ups for back muscle strength

In conclusion, there are several methods to exercise your back muscles. In addition to always having a professional advisor, you should also warm up your muscles. Doing this will avoid muscle damage and prepare the muscles for training. So what do you think of trying this routine?

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