What's the Best Training Routine to Follow?

A planned training routine makes for a great outcome. Today's article will give you some tips on choosing the best training routine.
What's the Best Training Routine to Follow?

Last update: 14 November, 2019

It doesn’t help us much if we work out in the gym without planning our daily training routine. When we finally decide on a gym, maybe we have doubts as to what our best training routine will be. Apart from our objectives, there are basics that we should always include in our workouts.

What our training routine should include

Even though professionals differ in opinion, experts such as personal trainers are in agreement that we need to include the following:


Warm-up on the cardio equipment that you prefer. This may be an elliptical, a treadmill or a bicycle.  A rowing machine is also an excellent option.

Woman on a treadmill showing a warmup exercise

It’s not necessary to warm-up for a long time. Warming-up will help prepare the body and the muscles to reach the point of maximum effectiveness.


Weights are vital if we want to lose weight or build our muscles. And for women, it’s a fact that weights not only help them lose weight but also to tone their bodies. Contrary to the myths about women and weight lifting, you won’t become extremely muscular.

Woman showing weightlifting described in the text as part of her daily routine

Due to the high testosterone levels in men, muscles usually develop rapidly. On the other hand, women, have lower levels of testosterone and don’t experience the same level of musculature that men do.

Weights increase muscle mass. As a result, fat diminishes, weight drops, and at the same time, the body becomes more toned. What good are weights if you remain flabby? Start using weights and you’ll see how your body becomes firmer!

During weight lifting sessions you can alternate between abdominals and other exercises to work various parts of your body.


At the gym, you’ll be able to ask for help from the trainers regarding how to choose a weight lifting plan that’s right for you and fulfills your objectives. After a weight lifting session, it’s best to return to cardio again.

You can begin aggressively, before slowing it down. Then you can choose a cardio machine that’s to your liking. Experts recommend that you do 20-minute sessions or more if you’d like.

Woman on an elliptical machine illustrated part of a daily training routine

Stretches for your training routine

Stretches are as important or possibly even more important than the exercise itself.  Please don’t go to the gym before stretching. It not only helps to avoid muscle pain but helps muscles return to their natural state. You can also avoid muscle spasms and tears if you adhere to this rule.

Showing a girl doing muscle stretches as mentioned in the text

Create your own stretching routine that uses all of the muscles in your body.

Enjoy a balanced diet

If you want to follow this type of training a balanced diet is essential. Considering all of the efforts that you make for a healthy lifestyle, a diet that includes all of the nutrients that your body requires is vital.

Take into account that while you exercise, protein should constitute the majority of your diet. Essentially, the protein feeds your muscles.

As we said in the beginning, whether you want to lose weight or build muscles, this is the best way to train. Then, all you need to do is to adapt the exercises to the objectives that you want to attain. However, these pointers apply to all gym-goers. Remember, no one ever said that it would be easy, but in the end, it’s worth it!

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