Work Out at Home Using Household Items

A lot of times, we make the excuse that exercise equipment is too expensive or we don't want to have too many things around the house that we only use for exercise. However, you can certainly use the things already in your house to work out at home. 
Work Out at Home Using Household Items

Last update: 17 November, 2018

If you want to work out, you shouldn’t have to pay for a gym membership or special classes. You can work out at home using the items that you already have! You’ll have to keep in mind, however, that those who work out at home are more likely to quit than those who go to the gym.

Take advantage of the fact that going out isn’t necessary and you can enjoy physical exercise at any time of day. Work out at home using household items!

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Why work out at home?

This is the big question that everyone asks once they have a reason (for example, losing weight or improving cardiovascular health) and they realize they need to exercise. Every day more and more people choose to set up a gym at home because of the many benefits.

First things first, it saves you time. You won’t have to spend time traveling to a gym, parking your car or waiting for the subway or bus. Depending on the distance from your house to the gym, you could save up to an hour a day by not commuting.

Woman doing situps on floor work out at home

Additionally, you don’t need to adjust to gym hours because your house is always open! This means you can work out at 5 o’clock in the morning or at 10 o’clock at night, and on weekends and holidays!

Work out at home and get more done

Working out at home is perfect because you can use the extra time to do other activities, such as laundry or spending time with your kids. There are even workout routines that include children as weights! They are ingenious and fun for everyone.

Fundamentally, you’ll have to forget about your excuses not to work out: it’s raining, it’s cold or hot, it’s too early or late, it’s too far, I have to take the bus, the class starts at this time or that time, etc. Those excuses are finally banished!

What you do need to have in order to work out at home, is plenty of motivation, willpower, and commitment. Moreover, the TV, the couch, a nap or the latest episode of your favorite TV show can be the main distractions or impediments. Concentrate on your objective!

Last but not least, you’ll save a lot of money because you won’t have to pay every month or for every class, you’d like to try at the gym. It’s true that in some cases you may have to make an initial investment for a few accessories, but they aren’t essential. There are things in your house that will work for this purpose with no issues.

You can work out using materials you have at home

Well, of course! You’ll even find things you can use that you never imagined would be useful for exercise. It’s just a matter of looking around and letting your imagination soar. You can turn something you already have into an accessory you’d find at the gym.

Work out at home woman doing yoga on floor with legs extended

1. For arm exercises: towels and poles

Buying a bar isn’t necessary. Starting out, you can use what’s available in your house. Rolled-up bath towels or the pole from the mop can be used as a replacement during arm (biceps, triceps) or back exercises.

It’s true: they don’t weigh much, but you can add weight! You can add wet towels or bottles of water with handles to each end of the pole.

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2. For strength training: bags and bottles

Maybe you’ve heard about the weight vests they use in the gym for squats, lunges, or deadlifts. How about using a bag or backpack with resistant handles, filled with packets of rice or pasta?

Another option is to use plastic bottles of different sizes. Fill them with sand, water, or dirt and use them as a replacement for dumbbells and weight plates.

3. For cardiovascular exercises: chairs and stairs

Do you still think you can’t work out at home with materials you already have in your house? If you want to do a little cardio, you can always use stairs or small boxes, chairs or benches to step up on to. Turn on some good music and get moving!

Woman using couch to do presses to exercise arms

If you have children, they probably have a jump rope. Use it at the beginning of your workout as a warm-up. You can also ask them to lend you a ball. There are so many exercises that you can do with a ball.


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