Workout Apps: the Best Options for Managing Your Routine

Workout apps can help you take control of your routines, providing an excellent tool for anyone looking to live a healthier lifestyle.
Workout Apps: the Best Options for Managing Your Routine

Last update: 27 July, 2018

Workout apps can be your best allies when it is time to exercise. While they do not completely replace the human element, they can offer greater control in terms of routines and monitoring caloric intake. In this article, we will take a look at the best workout apps for getting the most out of your routines.

Workout apps: valuable tools

These apps are perfect for setting a daily exercise routine. You simply have to enter some basic information, such as your age, gender, and goals.

You may need to specify whether you live a sedentary lifestyle, the amount of exercise you do, or if you are already very active.

Similarly, you need to indicate your objectives: losing weight, building muscle, or maintaining your current weight. All of these details are vital to the ability of the app in being able to determine its recommendations.

What are the best apps for your routines?


This app offers multiple functions, which makes it ideal for all ages and ability levels. It is free, but you can unlock various options for a small amount of money.

Endomondo allows the individual to keep a record of and track his or her routine and performance. As an additional bonus, you can sync it with your Apple Watch.


Seven workout app

Seven is one of the best apps, but also one of the most demanding. The goal is for the user to perform a rigorous seven minute routine every day for seven months. To this end, the app provides a 3-D guide explaining the correct form for the different exercises.


This is one of the most popular apps, especially among runners. It features training plans for amateurs and professionals alike. This app is very effective for measuring and recording speed, altitude, time, distance and calories. It also uses daily statistics to show the user’s performance.


This app is perfect for those who need an extra bit of motivation. In addition to tracking your daily routines, it also offers rewards for consistency and good performance.

From a purely economic standpoint, Wefitter offers a wide variety of discounts and offers that can be redeemed at different online stores and other affiliates.

Daily Butt Workout

Daily Butt Workout app

Daily Butt Workout is an app that specializes in working out a single muscle group: the glutes. By way of a five minute daily routine, which the app explains clearly and in detail, you will do exercises that tone the legs and glutes.


This app is perfect for beginners, as well as anyone looking to lead a healthier lifestyle. It is one of the best apps for managing your routines in terms of exercise and nutrition.

Myfitnesspal features a very effective nutrition guide, which requires the user to keep a daily record of his or her diet. In addition, it offers exercise routines and tracks the user’s progress in terms of goals and calories.


The goal of Virtuagym is to get the user to exercise regardless of his or her location. To accomplish this, it offers over 500 exercises that are applied depending on context. As such, the routine can vary considerably if your at home, at the gym, or on vacation at a hotel.

Google Fit

Google Fit is one of the most popular and widely downloaded apps out there. Its features include an exhaustive record of your heart rate, steps, speed, exercise time, and calories burned.

Google Fit app

The app offers daily user performance stats, as well as advice on how to improve performance. It is completely free, but can only be downloaded by Android users.

The best workout apps for managing your routines are those that provide a wide variety of services that go beyond exercise or daily activities. With these eight apps, the user can take more control of his or her performance. This will make it easier to reached the desired goals.

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