Workout Routine Using Bottles

Even if your water bottle is the only kind of equipment you have to work out with, you should know that it's possible to do strength training exercises. Below, we will show you a workout routine using bottles! 
Workout Routine Using Bottles

Last update: 21 November, 2018

If you want to get some exercise but you don’t have any weights, you can recycle your plastic bottles and turn them into strength tools, wherever you are! With this in mind, we’re going to tell you how you do a strength training workout routine using bottles.

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Certainly, working out your muscles has never been simpler. Surprisingly, bottles full of water or sand can be used to perform strength or resistance training, in the same way, you would use weights or machines at the gym. There are plenty of different exercises, which means you can achieve a full body workout routine using bottles.

Five exercises to include in your workout routine using bottles

Below, we have prepared a list of some simple exercises that you can include in your workout routine using bottles. Take notes!

1. Bicep exercise

Firstly, we will show you an exercise that’s ideal for training your biceps. To begin, you should have your weight on your left foot and hold the water bottle in your left hand. Lift your right foot from the floor to increase stability or keep both feet on the floor for an easier version of this exercise.

Next, keep your left arm at your side to isolate your bicep. While you’re bringing your hand to your left arm, press your arm into your side. Don’t forget that you can bring the opposite arm towards one side or the other, in order to keep your balance or you can rest it on your hip.

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2. Back exercise

For this second exercise, you need to get into a lunging stance, with your right leg forward and your left leg back. The move is easy: pick up the water bottle by the plastic handle with your left hand and place your right forearm on your right thigh, while you lean your weight forward and straighten out your back.

Now, straighten out your left arm. Bring your left elbow to your side and squeeze your shoulder toward the center of your back. Slowly relax while you bring your arm to the floor again. Repeat. Do as many repetitions as you feel necessary then switch arms.

“You can motivate by fear, and you can motivate by reward. But both those methods are only temporary. The only lasting thing is self-motivation.”

–Homer Rice–

3. Abdominal exercise

For the third exercise, you should know that you can work your abdominals and hold a small water bottle in each hand, so that it’s a little more difficult. To do this exercise, lay down on your back on the floor, and bend your legs.

Next, bend your arms. Place your hands on each side of your head and lift your legs so they form a 90-degree angle. Lift your head and shoulders from the floor and bring your left elbow to your right knee, while straightening your left leg.

Then, to the finish the exercise, repeat with the other side, bringing your right elbow to your right knee.

4. Chest exercise

For the fourth exercise of our workout routine using bottles, we want to introduce to you an exercise that’s perfect for working your upper body. To start, sit down on the floor while holding a water bottle in each hand. Keep your arms bent and the bottles placed just above your shoulders.

Then, lean backward and lift your legs from the floor, keeping your calves parallel to the floor. In the same way, you should take advantage of this moment to work your abdominals, at the same time extending the bottles out above your shoulders and away from you.

Return to the start position and repeat the exercise as many times as you can.

5. Lunges

Lastly, we are going to show you how to use water bottles to do lunges. In order for this to be possible, stand and hold the water bottle with both hands above your right shoulder, with your elbows slightly bent.

Next, step forward with your left leg, bending both knees while you lower into a lunge position. Simultaneously, lower the bottle diagonally along your body towards your outer left thigh. Push back into your start position and bring the weight back to your right shoulder.

This will be the end of the repetition, so get ready to change arms!

As you can see, water bottles offer endless possibilities for enjoying a good workout. We hope the next time you want to work out at home, you’ll try our workout routine using bottles. You will not regret it!


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