Performing Physical Activity During Pregnancy to Stay Healthy

For a woman, pregnancy is a very important time to perform physical exercises. The activity will depend on each case. Exercising favors good rest, prevents stress and increases self-esteem. 
Performing Physical Activity During Pregnancy to Stay Healthy

Last update: 19 April, 2019

Performing physical activity during pregnancy produces many benefits. The options for exercising multiply. It’s up to every woman to choose the exercises that she really enjoys. If you had a sedentary life before pregnancy, this may be a good excuse to start moving again.

There are several advantages to exercising while pregnant. These range from a healthier pregnancy to a quicker recovery after labor. Besides, exercise favors a good rest which is so complicated during the last quarter. Stress is reduced and self-esteem is boosted. This is thanks to careful and regular exercising.

Physical activities during pregnancy: a few options

In each case, if you’re pregnant it’s always advisable to consult an obstetrician before exercising. A professional will know which exercise is advisable. He’ll also tell you which cautions need to be taken.

Nonetheless, in any exercise that involves physical effort, hydration before, during and after, is essential. These are some recommended exercises:

  • Walking: the simplest physical activity. It’s done without equipment, schedules, and most importantly, without any cost. Besides, you can gradually increase how long you walk for. A tip: walking in parks, and places with clean air may be very relaxing and beneficial.
  • Stationary bicycle: recommended during pregnancy to make your legs stronger. This machine tones your leg muscles and helps prevent possible swelling.
  • Yoga: one of the most recommended physical activities during pregnancy. Specifically, yoga for pregnant women focuses on hip flexibility. It also focuses on preparing the body for labor.
  • Swimming: for those seeking exercises during pregnancy that provide pleasure and relaxation, swimming is ideal. Especially, during the last quarter when the body needs to relax. Swimming tones your muscles in a gentle way. It also stimulates blood flow and reduces stress considerably.
  • Tai-chi: a positive mind helps maintain serenity during pregnancy. Besides, it’s good for your joints and your flexibility. Tai-chi revitalizes daily energy.
pregnant woman doing yoga

Advantages of performing physical activity during pregnancy

For first time mothers, pregnancy nuisances are often an unpleasant surprise. Nausea and sleepiness are common during the first quarter.

During the next quarter, you’ll experience a complex period of increased sensitivity. During this period you’re more aware of what’s happening. Finally, when you accept it you can enjoy the belly and the swelling that produces insomnia and immobility.

Physical activity during pregnancy reduces these issues. Besides, it provides benefits to the baby. A woman who walks, goes to the pool or does pilates, will have more energy and optimism during her pregnancy. This is thanks to the release of endorphins.

Outstanding benefits

Next, a list of relevant advantages of performing physical activity during pregnancy:

  • Relieves stress and reduces anxiety. This allows you to enjoy every new experience of the pregnancy. It also favors a good night sleep.
  • Reduces waist and back pains. As your belly grows, inconveniences due to the lack of mobility and flexibility begin. In fact, many women feel completely stiff after labor. Exercising during pregnancy allows an easier postpartum period.
  • Favors the overall functioning of the inner organs. There are women more prone to flu and colds during pregnancy. Any of the recommended physical activities prevent or reduce this problem.

More benefits of physical exercise during pregnancy

  • Physical activity during pregnancy also increases self-esteem. Toned muscles, flexible joints, and renewed energy give you a cheerful and beautiful look. Control over your breathing will help you control your contractions during labor.
  • Preparing for labor. Women know how to give birth naturally. However, physical activity during pregnancy does wonders for a smooth labor. In this sense, strong leg muscles favor labor in a crouching position. This position is suggested by the female anatomy.
pregnant woman physical activity

  • Recovering your body. Not only your figure but your strength, flexibility, uterus and pelvic floor as well, prevents anemia and gives more energy to take care of the newborn and make breastfeeding easier.
  • The feared puerperium is easier to handle. A body and mind that have enjoyed the pleasure of physical activity during pregnancy will handle this period much easier.

Finally, you can exercise during pregnancy, with your doctor’s approval. It’s a beautiful way to connect to your body and future baby. Don’t miss this chance to make things simple during these wonderful months.

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Your choice of exercises during pregnancy will depend on what your doctor recommends, as well as your physical shape before becoming pregnant.