Six Health Benefits of a Sauna

When we go to a sauna we think about relaxing, getting some rest and spending quality time to set aside stress and the problems in our daily lives. Relaxation is becoming more and more necessary nowadays, but it's often hard to achieve. 
Six Health Benefits of a Sauna

Last update: 11 September, 2018

It’s common nowadays to find a sauna in every spa, in every city, and even in small towns. The health benefits and simplicity of a sauna haven’t changed since ancient times, after all: a wooden room, a stove and some steam are all that you need. Enjoy all of the health benefits that a sauna can bring to you.

What are the benefits of a sauna?

You might link saunas to business meetings between overweight men, as pictured in movies? Although, actually visiting a sauna is an ideal couple activity or it can even make for a different place to meet with friends. 

Benefits of going to a sauna are both external and internal; physical and mental. Nonetheless, you should always ask your doctor if you’re fit to partake in this activity.

Some benefits of sitting inside this hot, wooden cubicle are:

1. Improves blood pressure and blood circulation

When the skin starts to heat up in a sauna, your heart beats faster in order to get the blood flowing throughout your whole body. This allows for a faster circulation that eliminates toxins. Hence, a person with heart disease should spend only a short time in the room.

relax in a sauna

2. Eliminates harmful bacteria

Since ancient times people have used water and steam to protect themselves from bacteria. Many microorganisms cannot live at high temperatures, which is why in Russia and Finland, for example, women gave birth in saunas.

If you have a cold or a mild infection, don’t hesitate to visit a hot and steamy sauna. You’ll leave feeling much better! 

3. It relaxes you

High levels of stress are a common problem in our society; we’re always in a hurry and have never ending to do lists and responsibilities hovering around in our head. One of the benefits of a sauna is being able to release any  tension, take a moment for mental clarity and in turn, this relaxes your whole body.

We recommend that you visit a sauna after a tiring workday; after just a few minutes in the warm room, you’ll feel revitalized. You don’t need to leave the city for a whole weekend, or go for a long vacation in the Caribbean to recharge your batteries! A sauna will relax you in no time. It’s even ideal for those who suffer with insomnia! 

4. Detox your skin

When the temperature increases and we start to sweat, the pores in our skin dilate (open up), in order to expel toxins. In general, this is very good for your skin, given that you’re probably exposed to harmful substances such as smog, and pollution from factories and germ-filled environments, such as subway stations.

Going to the sauna is great for removing makeup residue that can accumulate on your face, as well as any dirt from the city air. 


skin water with lemon

5. Relieves pain

A common recommendation for when you have cramps or muscle pain is to take a hot shower or to apply a heat padOther benefits of a sauna include having a therapeutic effect on arthritis, sprains and other joint pains.

If you performed an intense workout session at the gym, don’t hesitate to go to a sauna afterwards! Your muscles will thank you; they’ll be able to rest and recover faster from the effort. 

6. Improves your breathing

Just as a sauna opens your pores, it also expands your lungsThe heat and the steam are  frequently  used to relieve congestion when you have a cough, the flu or even bronchitis

But even if we don’t have an illness, it’s always beneficial to go to a sauna to remove all of the harmful substances that can cling to our respiratory systems. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.