The 7 Benefits of Playing Sports for Fun

If there's something we must learn from children, it's that we should choose our favorite sport and simply enjoy playing it, have a good time and take a break from our everyday problems. Playing sports for fun is incredibly beneficial to your health and here we'll tell you more. 
The 7 Benefits of Playing Sports for Fun

Last update: 05 January, 2019

People often tend to consider exercise an obligation or something difficult to enjoy, this is why many people quit sports shortly after they start. They can’t imagine themselves playing sports for fun. 

But, what would happen if we enjoyed ourselves while playing a sport? Without a doubt, the health and well-being benefits are numerous. So, how can we change our mind about sports? How can we see this as a fun activity to do?

Playing sports for fun

The goal is of course to find sports fun; if you find an exciting activity to work out, you’re more likely to keep at it over time.

There are some effective techniques you can do in order to find a sport that you like. Once you do, you’ll want to play it even when you’re tired, when the schedule is not the best or any other typical excuse that comes to mind.

But, it’s important to understand that looking for the ideal sport might take time. So be patient and try a few options before you make your final choice.

Working out while walking your dog.

Also, try to ask yourself what activities you prefer most, if you enjoy being outdoors or at the gym, alone or with a friend, etc. These factors are extremely important to find the right sport for you.

Another thing you can do is to start your fitness journey with friends or family. They’ll be your personal motivators to reach your goals, you’ll feel supported and you’ll even have fun in the process.

Benefits of playing sports for fun


Playing a sport for fun and not as an obligation is an excellent way of meeting new people, socializing and even making new friends. Plus, the fellowship that emerges among athletes encourages the team to keep improving.


Lung health benefits are undeniable. By playing sports regularly, your breathing improves significantly. Medium and long-term lung capacity will be considerably greater.

Anxiety and stress control

Stress is part of everyone’s life, especially those who live in big cities or are going through tough situations. Playing a sport regularly is a powerful ally to reduce anxiety significantly, as well as stress.

Playing padel.

A healthier heart

It’s no secret that playing sports strengthens the heart. This is due to the fact that the heart is a muscle, and its performance greatly improves when we exercise daily.

Great mood

When you start to exercise regularly, you’ll notice a positive change in your mood. Playing sports releases endorphins that relax the body and make you feel great. In fact, endorphins are best known as the “hormone of happiness”.

In addition, playing sports will also improve the quality of your sleep, which also affects your energy throughout the day.

Healthy weight

Playing a sport you like, along with a healthy diet, will make you achieve your fitness goals more quickly, whether you want to lose weight or maintain your current weight.

This translates into higher self-esteem and therefore, increased well-being.

A stronger immune system

Several scientific studies have proved that exercising regularly significantly improves the immune systemSo, people who play sports as part of their everyday routine, tend to get sick less often.

The benefits of playing a sport for fun are many. The greatest reward for the perseverance and effort you put in is both your physical and mental well-being.

Team sports: guaranteed fun

If you choose to play a team sport, you’ll definitely experience moments of laughter and fun. It’s a great way to eliminate anxiety and stress accumulated throughout the day.

In conclusion, playing sports shouldn’t be seen as an obligation. Instead, take it as a moment of relaxation, fun, an escape from the problems you face every day.



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