Benefits of Wearing Comfortable Clothes While Playing Sports

Comfort is the first argument that supports wearing appropriate clothes for certain physical activities. There are also other factors, such as choosing clothing to prevent sports injuries and poor circulation, which can occur if you wear inappropriate sports clothing.
Benefits of Wearing Comfortable Clothes While Playing Sports

Last update: 14 January, 2019

Practicing sports is healthy as long as it is done the right way. This means you have to perform correct movements, maintain proper hydration and, although you may not believe it, wear the right clothes. Wearing comfortable clothes is a very important factor when it comes to getting the most from your workout.

When it comes to physical activities, many people dress with the first items they find in the closet. These are usually leggings, wide pants, a shirt or a sweatshirt.

We need to pay special attention when selecting clothes to practice sports in. It’s a logical idea, however,  it’s usually overlooked. We must wear clothes that allow us to practice sports without  hindrances.

The negative consequences of wearing inappropriate clothes can range from skin reactions to more serious injuries such as tendinitis or sprains. Therefore, we should take a little more time to choose comfortable clothes and appropriate attire when we decide to practice sports.

Sporty couple

There are many people who choose not to wear comfortable clothes when practicing sports because they think that special clothing is too expensive. However, this doesn’t need to be the case.

When it comes to practicing sports, remember the following tips to help you dress appropriately:

  • It’s better to wear shorts or pants that are made from cotton or lycra. These materials will let your skin breathe and allow you to move more comfortably.
  • Make sure you wear comfortable clothes that are made from appropriate materials in order to avoid chafing, irritation and discomfort. 
  • There are gym garments that absorb sweat immediately, this makes them perfect for high performances exercises or sports.
  • Choose specific clothing for different sports disciplines such as helmets and shin guards in order to avoid injuries.

There are also certain factors that you should keep in mind when it comes to selecting comfortable clothes for exercising such as:


If you are going to exercise outside, you have to take the weather into account. If it is hot, wear comfortable, breathable clothing that will help to prevent heat-related illnesses. Loose clothes allow air currents to help cool down the body and evaporate sweat. Choose bright colors instead of dark ones to reflect the sun’s rays away from your body.

If it is cold, you should wear clothes and layers that are easy to remove as you become warmer. Keep in mind that polypropylene garments absorb sweat and tend to keep you cooler as sweat evaporates.


In addition, the top layer of clothing should have an opening for ventilation that will help you regulate your temperature in case the weather becomes hotter. You can also wear a scarf or a polo neck which will help protect your lungs from the cold air. Gloves and wool socks are useful when it comes to keeping your hands and feet warm.

In any climate, head protection is essential. In the winter, wear a warm hat to isolate the heat, in the warmer months, you should choose a lighter hat to protect your head from the sun’s rays.


Choose comfortable and loose clothing that will allow for freedom of movement. For example, avoid wearing denim as this will prevent you from stretching in the way the exercise may demand.


You should also choose clothing that makes you feel confident about yourself. If you feel good in your clothes, you will feel good while exercising as well.

According to different studies, women who feel self-conscious about their appearance and clothing for exercise, are less likely to participate in physical activities. 


Footwear is very important for physical activity, especially for activities that require different movements, such as running. It is easy to find the right shoes since there are many specific brands and fits for running, tennis, football and other sports.

Comfortable shoes

The right shoes will help you move better and run faster. Professional athletes and experts recommend wearing shoes that have resistant soles to allow for cushion and arch support. The ideal shoes should also provide protection and comfort.

In conclusion, the clothes that you wear while exercising are just as important as the exercise itself. The right clothing provides many functions and that’s why it’s important to choose your clothes depending on the activity you are performing.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.