Get in Shape With 20-Minute Boxing Sessions

Boxing is one of the best sports for getting in shape. Boxing sessions lasting for 20 minutes each day, are enough to enjoy countless benefits. This article reviews some of them.
Get in Shape With 20-Minute Boxing Sessions

Last update: 21 November, 2018

If you’re looking to get into shape, you can do this through 20-minute boxing sessions. Boxing is one of the best sports for burning calories, losing weight, gaining muscle, and giving an overall feeling of wellbeing.

It’s true that boxing sessions aren’t a typical way to get into shape and stay healthy. Nevertheless, once you understand the incredible benefits it offers for health, it’ll probably become one of your favorite ways to work out.

In fact, this is one of the most comprehensive disciplines to reach a well-rounded state of fitness. All you need are some boxing gloves, protective wraps, and at least 20 minutes of time to get into shape. Within these 20 minutes, you’ll learn how to strike the boxing bag, while performing cardio exercises. Some popular companion exercises are: jumping rope, push-ups, and shadowboxing with dumbbells.

Boxing is one of the most physically demanding exercises for your lungs, heart, and muscles. In this article, we’ll tell you why 20-minute boxing sessions are enough to keep you in shape. Now, onto the benefits!

Boxing sessions are helping this woman relieve stress.

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

-Muhammad Ali-

Benefits of training through boxing sessions

1- Weight loss

The first benefit of training with boxing sessions is weight loss. Keep in mind that you’re constantly pushing your muscles to their limits, in terms of power and speed in this sport. This leads to burning a considerable number of calories.

Remember, reducing fat in your body, makes you healthier and less susceptible to heart diseases, type two diabetes, and even joint problems.

2- Reduces stress

Exercise, in general, has a stress-reducing effect. That’s because it promotes the release of the wellbeing hormone dopamine. Boxing is also particularly good for de-stressing

Reducing stress can help to lower your blood pressure and make you feel happier as well. That’s another reason to try and complete 20-minute boxing sessions every day.

3- Stronger bones and joints

One of the aspects we really like about boxing is that it’s one of the best exercises for bone health. Of course, having stronger and denser bones is fantastic for health in general. This is especially true as you get older.

These bone construction exercises are very important because the bones tend to become weaker with age. This increases the incidence of broken bones. It may even raise your risk of contracting degenerative diseases.

This woman goes through her boxing sessions with red gloves.

4- Improved motor and neurological functions

As you grow older, you start to experience a loss of balance and coordination. Boxing can help with your body and eye coordination since it promotes faster reflexes. When you become more involved with boxing, you’ll learn how to act and move quickly to avoid being hit by your opponent.

5- Improves hand-eye coordination

It’s possible that you haven’t given much thought to your hand-eye coordination or its effect on your health. Still, it plays an important role in your fine motor skills and gross motor skills. In fact, people with good hand-eye coordination tend to have faster reflexes and reaction times. They also have better physical coordination in general.

That’s why practicing boxing for 20 minutes each day, is particularly important as you get older. Remember, your coordination and balance are compromised over the years, which increases your risk of falls.

6- Achieve a better body composition

Finally, you should be aware that boxing is an incredible discipline for improving your body composition. It combines the movements of muscle strength training and cardiovascular combat with weight loss.

Keep in mind that when you participate in boxing sessions regularly and follow a healthy nutrition plan, you will likely see positive changes in your body composition, in terms of a lower body fat percentage.

Remember that you can get in shape by doing boxing sessions for just 20 minutes a day, every day. Now that you have all of the information, it might be a good time to begin boxing? Put on some comfortable clothes and start training today! What are you waiting for?

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