The Main Candidates for the Moto GP Title in 2019

The Moto GP championship is about to start, and some of the drivers are considered the main contenders for the title. In the next article, we'll go over the main candidates. Discover who they are!
The Main Candidates for the Moto GP Title in 2019

Last update: 11 September, 2019

The Moto GP championship has more and more fans in Spain. As if that wasn’t enough, many of the drivers in the official line up for the most important motorcycle racing championship in the world are Spanish. In this sense, it’s interesting to know who are the candidates to win the Moto GP title in 2019.

In the last ten years, the world champion for the Moto GP has been Spanish on eight occasions. During this decade, Marc Márquez and Jorge Lorenzo have been the top referents for motorcycle racing in the world. To the surprise of many, this year both drivers form a ‘dream team’. They’ll both race in the most consecrated team of all times, the Repsol Honda Team.

However, many other drivers such as Valentino Rossi, Maverick Viñales or Andrea Dovizioso won’t make it easy for them to win. As the championship is about to start, the time has come to put together a list of the main candidates to win the Moto GP title in 2019.

Candidates to win the Moto GP title in 2019

1. Marc Márquez, the main candidate for the Moto GP title

Marc Márquez is currently the best driver in the Moto GP, both outside and inside the track. Having won seven world titles, one in 125 ccs (2010), another in Moto2 (2012) and five in the queen category (2013, 2014, 2016, 2017 and 2018), he’s the most prepared driver of the lineup.

On top of that, the charismatic Lleidan driver spreads good vibes among the fans. He does this with his unique way of driving the Honda. And, he always has a smile on his face during the Grand Prix weekends.

Marc Márquez holding one of his racind trophies in the Grand Prix

This Repsol Honda driver has won five out of the last six championships in which he has competed. Famous for his unique way of avoiding falling down, the Catalan driver wants to continue proving that he’s in the Motor GP to make history, along with the Balearic, Jorge Lorenzo.

2. Jorge Lorenzo

“I’m not a good driver, I’m a champion”. That’s how Jorge Lorenzo defines himself, a charismatic driver that’s 31 years old and treasures a total of five world championships (2 in 250 ccs and 3 in Moto GP).

As a matter of fact, he’s currently the Spanish driver with more pole positions in history with a total of 152. Without a doubt, he’s an example of effort and consistency, since he’s had the opportunity to demonstrate his potential in the best teams of the queen category.

Lorenzo shared his box with Valentino Rossi in Yamaha, the brand he partnered with to win the world championship in 2010, 2012 and 2015. After that, he changed the blue for the red as he moved on to Ducati.

Jorge Lorenzo making a thumbs up sign after a moto GP race

After two years with the Italian brand, Jorge decided to accept a bigger challenge: being the partner of Marc Márquez in the golden wing team and ride the Honda RC213V. In all of these opprtunities, Jorge Lorenzo showed that he’s able to fight against difficulties. His qualities and titles turn him into one of the best drivers in the history of Moto GP.

3. Maverick Viñales

Maverick Viñales is a 24-year old driver born in Figueres, Girona. The Catalonian has already won a world championship in Moto3 in 2013, riding a KTM. Therefore, he has what it takes to be a champion and lots of time to achieve the goals of the Yamaha team, one of the most powerful structures in the championship.

The truth is that Maverick Viñales is facing a unique opportunity to prove just how great he is. He can become the world champion in the queen category. We should all pay attention to his performance!

Maverick Viñales during as one of the candidates to win the motor GP title in 2019

4. Valentino Rossi, a history of Motor GP victories

Valentino Rossi is an international referent in motorcycle racing. He’s considered to be the best driver of all times. Even though he’s 40 years old, it doesn’t seem as if he wants to say goodbye to the races without winning his tenth world title.

The Italian shares his box with Maverick Viñales in the Movistar Yamaha team. Everything points to him being one of the main candidates for the title this year.

Valentino Rossi riding a Yamaha motorcycle during the motor GP

The Japanese team has been working for a long time to come up with a motorcycle that allows Valentino Rossi to at least be competitive for the last races of the world championship. This is something that hasn’t happened since 2016. In that year, Marc Márquez won the world championship with Honda; Rossi came second in the season.

5. Andrea Dovizioso, the upcoming favorite candidate for the Moto GP title

The second Italian driver in this list of the main candidates for the Moto GP title is Andrea Dovizioso. He’s a 32-year old, that’s finished second in the last two seasons. This is why his confidence is intact to bring Ducati back to the highest spot on the podium.

Dovizioso has competed against Marc Márquez the most in the last few years. Riding a Ducati, the Italian may be responsible for leading one of the most emblematic brands in the world back to the position it deserves.

Andrea Dovizioso as one of the candidates to win the motor GP title of 2019

The Moto GP championship is, without a doubt, marked by the presence of Spanish and Italian drivers. They’ve all wanted to maintain the supremacy since the year 2011 when the Australian, Casey Stoner was the champion. In 2019, it seems as if the other drivers in the championship will find it quite difficult to break this hegemony.

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