Power Walking Benefits

Walking is good for cardiovascular health. Although it seems like walking is not exercise, its health benefits have been proven. Read along to find out more about power walking.
Power Walking Benefits

Last update: 05 June, 2019

Many people truly believe that walking does not represent exercise, at least not compared to other activities such as running or cycling. Power walking is much more than just walking, it’s a practice that provides numerous benefits to the body.

Power walking is an alternative for those who want to exercise, but who don’t want to or cannot run. In addition, it represents a simple and very customizable routine. It can be adapted to the specific capabilities of the individual who carries it out.

Power walking benefits: prevents sedentary lifestyles

The overwhelming pace of life in big cities can put an individual’s mental health at stake. Normally, when we have free time, we tend to spend the whole day in the house instead of taking advantage of the time to exercise outdoors.

Sedentary lifestyles significantly increase the risks of suffering from premature mortality. That’s why it’s important to maintain physical activity. Power walking, therefore, is a great option.

Where and how?

Power walking can be done anywhere: in parks, squares or paths through the countryside. You don’t even have to stop power walking when you go on vacation, it can be done on the sand or by the sea.

Power walking doesn’t require any special equipment. All you need to start power walking is a bit of time and determination.

It’s important, however, to wear comfortable sports clothes that are suitable for the weather. You’ll also need comfortable shoes to allow you to walk for long stretches.

Posture and rhythm: power walking benefits

One of the keys when it comes to achieving power walking benefits is to maintain good posture. This will prevent injuries; it will also optimize performance.

In practice, power walking can burn fat, tone muscles and also strengthen the respiratory cardiovascular and immune systems.

Women power walking outddoors

The walk should be carried out with quick steps, and with conscious breathing. Keep your back straight, chest out, look forward while keeping your shoulders back.

All of this should be accompanied by constant flexing of the abdominal wall and buttocks. In addition to working-out these areas, this technique also protects the lower back.

It’s ideal to develop an approximate speed of seven miles per hour. Experienced power walkers tend to include variants such as progressively accelerating or the implementation of constant changes of pace.

A step before running?

Power walking benefits represent a good option for those who want to enter the world of running, but don’t meet the minimum physical conditions.

It’s also an activity that’s recommended for runners who are just coming out of the process of recovery from an injury. It’s a way to actively rest in order to facilitate the process of recovery and muscle regeneration after intense training or competitions.

As with any sporting activity, it’s important to warm up before power walking. After exercising, stretch in order to facilitate muscle relaxation.

Other power walking benefits

Combined with a balanced diet, power walking is a great method to lose and maintain body weight. You can burn up to 400 calories in a single session. Just 45 to 60 minutes of walking during three to four days will be more than enough to see great benefits.

Friends power walking

Power walking helps to increase respiratory capacity and endurance. It also helps lower blood pressure, strengthens the buttocks, defines the thighs and facilitates abdominal fat loss. In short, power walking can positively influence the entire core.

As with most aerobic activities, power walking helps control cholesterol. It also stimulates the secretion of endorphins which promotes a state of pleasure.

In conclusion, power walking stimulates balance between the body and mind without causing fatigue. Furthermore, it brings many positive benefits without generating stress on the muscles.

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