Create a Plan to Revolutionize Your Routine

On many occasions, it's not easy to achieve the objectives or desired physical changes with training. Therefore, in this article we bring you the best exercises to revolutionize your routine. 
Create a Plan to Revolutionize Your Routine

Last update: 17 April, 2019

Many athletes lose motivation because they consider that they’re not obtaining adequate results in their workouts. In any case, motivation should never be lost and perseverance should be one of the best weapons to reach your goals. In this article, we’ll show you a workout plan to revolutionize your routine.

Truly, if you want to obtains results, you must constantly change your training routine to avoid stalling. This is possible by adding new exercises that will allow you to workout at maximum capacity and take full advantage of every training session.

Every muscle group brings a variety of different exercises that may be used to train your body correctly. You’ll not achieve constant growth with the same workout routine, week after week.

Take into consideration that the body adapts to stress too quickly. Once your body has adapted to the stress level of your current routine, it won’t feel the need to keep on growing.

Therefore, regular changes in your training are essential for long term growth. Nevertheless, it will only be possible to change if you use ideal exercises to revolutionize your routine.

The best exercises to revolutionize your routine

Next, we present to you a list of the best exercises to allow you to revolutionize your routine and reach the goals that you set yourself. Take notes and prove their effectiveness!

1. Bodyweight exercises to revolutionize routine

The first alternative regarding exercises to revolutionize your routine are bodyweight exercises. These workouts are effective and ideal for toning your body and intensifying workouts. Beginners and advanced athletes may benefit from these exercises.

As their name indicates, bodyweight exercises are done with the ideal weight and with the help of household objects you may find around you. When you look for a greater challenge, you may add free weights to your routine.

However, since these exercises are done without machines to guide your movements, it’s important to pay attention to the form.

In fact, bodyweight exercises allow us to include strength training as well as cardio at the same time. When you do squats, pull-ups, jumping, burpees or jumping rope you’ll maintain your heart rate while building muscles. We recommend you include them in your weekly routine.

benefits of burpees

2. TRX exercises

In the second place, TRX exercises are another excellent way to work with your weight. You’ll also obtain maximum benefits in your sessions. Besides, they allow you to eliminate training machines.

All you need to do is secure your straps and use your feet or hands to exercise your body, depending on the exercise. Generally, a part of the body will be suspended over the ground or will be inclined thanks to the straps with the purpose of creating resistance and destabilizing.

You can do a huge amount of TRX exercises to revolutionize your routine. These can be push-ups, sit-ups or leg and back exercises. As you can imagine, training on suspension has many benefits, such as overall health improvements and an increase in cardiovascular endurance.

trx training

3. Exercises with Russian weights

Finally, we present exercises with Russian weights as one of the best ways to revolutionize your routine. They’re varied and may demand an effort from several different muscle groups. This type of exercise promotes fat burn and muscle growth.

saque with Russian weight

Exercises with Russian weights will make you more explosive and will improve your physical condition. The frontal squat, the windmill or the two hand swing are some of the most effective.

You may see them frequently, since this type of training with Russian weights is booming and is more popular every day. As with the two previous options, combining them with a healthy diet may be very effective for losing weight.

Finally, it’s important to point out, that in order to optimize your workout routine, maintain your motivation and discipline in every one of your workouts. From now on, you have the fundamentals to change the situation. We’re sure if you follow this list of exercises you’ll be able to achieve the objectives you set out to!

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