4-Exercises and Shoulder Routine with a Dumbbell

In today's post, we're going to take a look at a dumbbell routine for shoulders that only has four exercises. Start sculpting your deltoids today!
4-Exercises and Shoulder Routine with a Dumbbell

Last update: 09 June, 2019

Classic dumbbell exercises are great ways to tone pectoral muscles, arms and shoulders. In our post today, we’re going to take a look at a dumbbell routine for shoulders that only has four exercises.

Dumbbell routine for shoulders with just four easy exercises

Here are four easy exercises to work out the three parts of your shoulders. Remember to always pair your physical activity with a practical, balanced diet to enjoy the best results.

1. Front raise

To do this simple front raise, stand and always keep your shoulders down to work your anterior muscle. Use a weight that allows for a clean execution without overloading your back.

Aim for at least 10 repetitions per set and don’t wear yourself out too fast with an excessively heavy weight. Make sure you do the exercise correctly and keep your knees slightly bent and never straighten out your elbows completely.

shoulders dumbbell front raise

2. Lateral raise

In lateral raises, you’ll also need to stand and keep your shoulders down during the exercise. But this time, you’ll work out your medial delts. Carry out the exercise slowly and in a balanced manner. Use a moderate weight to avoid any kind of injury.

dumbbell shoulder medial

3. Shoulder press

The classic shoulder press is considered to be one of the best because it works out the three parts of the shoulder simultaneously. To get started, sit down on a bench, look for with that has a back.

Your trunk should be free to move and follow through the exercise correctly. Increase the weight of the dumbbells over time, as well as the number of repetitions in each set.

shoulders dumbbell press

4. Rear raise

The rear raise, as you might assume from its name, helps tone the rear delts. To do this exercise, you need to lean on something to support your core, allowing you to move your arms to do the repetitions.

To get started, try 10 repetitions per set and gradually increase until you reach 15 or 20.

shoulder dumbbells rear
Image: myprotein.es

Shoulder dumbbell exercise mistakes

When doing a shoulder exercise with dumbbells, avoid the common mistakes that could hinder good results. They can also lead you to injuries or spine problems. Below, are the three most common mistakes:

Mistake #1: using weights that are too heavy to get fast results

Unfortunately, many people believe that lifting heavy dumbbells will score them faster results. But it’s not productive. It’s also very risky as it compromises health and physical condition.

If you exceed your limits, you’ll overwork your body which could lead to muscle pain and back injuries. What’s more is that this mistake doesn’t allow your body to execute the exercise properly, which is essential for working out your shoulder muscles in a balanced manner.

Instead, start with moderate weights and gradually increase the weight over time. You should follow a professional who is credible in physical training and defining muscles.

Mistake #2: completely stretching out your arms

Another common and worrying mistake that people make when doing shoulder dumbbell exercises is completely straightening out their arms. If your arms are completely straight, it demands too much from your elbow area, which could lead to injuries and wear down the joint faster.

shoulder dumbbell mistakes

You need to keep your elbows slightly bent in order to work out your pectoral muscles efficiently— especially when you lift with dumbbells. Failing to do so could work your arm muscles out in the wrong way, interfering with the main objective of the exercise.

Mistake #3: not seeking medical consultation

Another big mistake that has negative consequences is thinking that medical consultation is only necessary for aerobic exercises or sports.

Before starting a shoulder routine with dumbbells, or any other kind of exercise, making sure that your body is in prime condition is essential, as well as knowing your body’s limits for safe execution.

Gyms or fitness centers should never allow new members to start certain routines without medical authorization. Additionally, you should also see a doctor before starting a personal or home workout plan.

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