Five Leg and Glute Exercises That Don't Require Equipment

The legs and glutes are responsible for moving your body. They are involved in the acts of sitting, standing, jumping, and many others. If you maintain a sedentary lifestyle, it's possible that these areas of your body are storing fat and retaining liquid.
Five Leg and Glute Exercises That Don't Require Equipment

Written by Editorial Team

Last update: 28 August, 2023

If you’re not a huge fan of going to the gym and you don’t have much space at home for exercise equipment, this article is for you! We’ll show you five leg and glute exercises that don’t require equipment. You’ll have the freedom to work out anywhere you please. The only thing you’ll need is a strong desire to put in the effort to train your body!

Sedentary lifestyles promote liquid retention. This isn’t at all visually pleasing. However, the way this looks is the least of your worries. Failure to perform leg and glute exercises can bring problems to your health that can be significant in the long term.

Also, by allowing your body to store fat and not paying attention to the health of your legs and glutes can become an obstacle for you. If you lose motivation, you might reach the point where you won’t even be able to complete simple tasks, such as walking up the stairs or performing a squat. Don’t wait to get started with these leg and glute exercises. You can perform these any time and in any place!

Leg and glute exercises

1. Squats

Squats are a great exercise because of the wide range of benefits they bring to you. Some of the main benefits are improved posture, burning fat, and muscle toning. What’s more, there are different types of squats you can do. That way, you’ll get all the benefits of the squat without having to keep doing the same old boring routine!

A bullet squat is one of the leg and glute exercises

Now, before trying out different squat styles, you have to master the traditional squat. This is very important because if you don’t maintain the correct form with the regular squat, you could injure yourself. Also, to train the legs and glutes, it’s important to take full advantage of this exercise. The correct way to perform a squat is the following:

  1. Stand straight, looking forward, with the abdomen contracted.
  2. Stretch out your arms in front of you at shoulder level.
  3. Bend your knees as if you were going to sit on a chair.
  4. Your calves should be at a 90-degree angle. This means that your knees shouldn’t pass your feet.
  5. Straighten your legs to return to the initial position. You can do between 15 and 20 repetitions per set.

2. Jumping jacks

Jumping jacks are common components of training programs everywhere, although they’re usually used for warming up. Nevertheless, this is a powerful exercise for training the arms, legs, abs, and glutes. It’s also important for you to do some cardiovascular exercises, such as this one, whenever you work out. Cardiovascular exercises promote blood flow and continue to burn calories even after your session.

Jumping jacks are a leg and glute exercise

In order to execute a jumping jack, all you have to do is jump while opening your arms and legs. It’s important that you maintain a good posture at all times. There are two common ways to do the exercise: doing various sets of 20 repetitions or doing 3 minutes of jumping jacks. In both cases, you can listen to music to increase your effort, as this exercise will leave you breathless.

3. Bridge

This exercise will give you firm thighs and glutes. It’s worth mentioning that it also works your torso and calves. The exercise itself is very easy to perform. All you have to do is lay down, face up, and bend the knees with your feet on the floor. Your feet should be hip-width apart.

Bridge is a leg and glute exercise

Now raise your hips as high as you can with your arms outstretched on the floor. You can do this exercise isometrically. That is to say, you can hold this pose for 15-second intervals. On the other hand, you can do repetitions, of which you should do at least 10.

4. Burpees

Burpees are characteristic of calisthenics and CrossFit. This exercise should be performed quickly, which makes it suitable for improving your body control and coordination.

Burpees are leg and glute exercises

It works the different muscles that make up the legs and glutes. You don’t need anything more than a flat surface with enough space to execute it:

  1. Stand up firmly and look forward.
  2. Jump high and then immediately get down on the floor to do a push-up.
  3. After doing the push-up, get up and do a squat.
  4. From that squat, use the impulse to jump up again and repeat the process.

5. Mule kicks

The main muscles that this exercise works are the gluteus maximus, abductors, and the hamstrings. It’s also good for aligning the dorsal spine and, if you contract your abdomen, you can also exercise your core. It’s very easy to do this exercise. Simply position yourself face down, on your hands and knees. Then raise one of your legs as high as possible while looking forward and alternate. You can do 4 sets of 10 repetitions for each leg.

With these leg and glute exercises, you’ll be able to improve your appearance without using weights or machines. This will allow you to work out at home, in the park, at the beach, or wherever you like! Don’t delay and take full advantage of these exercises. The results are worth the effort! You can do it!

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.