How to Quickly Increase Muscle Mass?

If you're looking to increase muscle mass quickly, this article is for you. Here we'll tell you how to do this, so take note and follow these tips.
How to Quickly Increase Muscle Mass?

Last update: 30 April, 2019

If you’re seeking to increase muscle mass quickly, you should know that it’s possible to do it when you consider some key concepts. Here we’ll show you the best recommendations in order to achieve this goal.

People usually think that gaining muscle mass is quite difficult, slow and that it takes a lot of work. However, generally speaking, this is because they don’t know the right ways to increase muscle mass.

Obviously, we know that genetics play a large role in this objective. In fact, some people can gain muscle mass quite easily, while others tend to gain fat more easily.

Generally, people who are naturally thin will have more difficulties gaining muscle mass. Therefore, with the objective to help you achieve that goal, we prepared these tips and tricks.

What to do to increase muscle mass quickly?

1. Nutrition

No matter which training you choose, nutrition is one of the most important factors to increase muscle mass. In fact, monitoring your nutrition to determine if you’re ingesting the right amount of calories and nutrients is key.

Likewise, controlling your nutrition is a great tool to help you adjust in case you don’t see the results you want. Don’t forget that nutrition is as important as exercise, if not more important. And so, protein is the first ingredient to look for in your diet in order to increase muscle mass.

Therefore, we recommend writing down every ingredient you ingest, along with the time of the day. If you aren’t increasing your weight, it would be the appropriate time to calculate the calories you eat and increase them if necessary.

Lentil tahini burger to increase muscle mass

2. Resistance training to increase muscle mass

The second most important factor to increase muscle mass is to consider the most effective way to do so with resistance exercises. You can do these with free weights or machines.

If you want to gain muscle weight, we suggest you do exercises with few repetitions. Nonetheless, you must increase the weight you’re lifting. It’s ideal to do three series for each exercise, decrease the repetitions, and progressively increase the weight.

“Genetics play a large role in this objective. In fact, some people can gain muscle mass quite easily, while others tend to gain fat more easily.”

3. Consider taking supplements

In order to help your resistance training and increase muscle mass more quickly, there are a few supplements. For example, creatine is one of the most popular and proven supplements to gain muscle mass by retaining water. It also helps boost strength to lift more weight.

On the other hand, research proves that conjugated linoleic acid is another great supplement for this goal.

Choose the right protein shake to increase muscle mass

4. Train in less than one hour

Lastly, we recommend that you keep your training sessions under one hour. In fact, make sure you concentrate on keeping up the intensity instead of lengthening the workout.

If you want to gain muscle, you should focus on progressively increasing repetitions or weight. Additionally, There are no studies that prove that longer workout sessions are more effective than shorter ones. Thus, make sure your resting periods are shorter than one minute and limit your time chatting with your friends at the gym.

Moreover, we suggest changing your repetition ranges every four to six weeks to avoid getting stuck. With these changes, your body will adapt to new stress and not get used to other exercises.

Finally, you must follow these tips in order to increase muscle mass quickly. Therefore, don’t forget that nutrition and exercise sessions are the most important aspects.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.