What are the Health Benefits of Bodypump?

Doing Bodypump on a regular basis can have a number of health benefits. Today, we'll tell you about the main ones.
What are the Health Benefits of Bodypump?

Last update: 04 March, 2021

Bodypump is a great workout for the whole body and has numerous health benefits, which is why so many professionals recommend it.

Bodypump involves working out to music, with a session made up of ten songs. Every song has a lively, medium intensity rhythm, which is one other reason why so many people prefer it to traditional exercise.

At certain points during the workout, you also use different size bars and discs to work each part of the body. The routine lasts around one hour and includes exercises such as push-ups, squats, and crunches.

Health Benefits of Bodypump

Whilst conventional gyms are still popular, numerous alternatives have been emerging around the world over recent years. Bodypump is just one example, and what makes it different is the combination of physical exercise with music.

But this isn’t the only thing that grabs people’s attention. It also has numerous health benefits which, let’s face it, are the main reason for doing exercise in the first place! Below, we’ll tell you about the main ways that Bodypump is good for you.

It builds muscle mass

Two people lifting bar weights in a bodypump session.

According to a study published by the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research, Bodypump helps to strengthen muscle mass through the use of different weights and bars. As a result, this helps you to gain muscle mass and reduce the possibility of an injury.

Health benefits of bodypump: it increases muscle strength

As well as building muscle mass, it’ll also help make your muscles stronger. This is because of the combination of supersets and the changes in rhythm as you follow the music through the session.

The music is what sets the rhythm during training and this will change throughout the session. This modifies the concentric and eccentric phases of each exercise and works the muscles harder.

It improves coordination

Although Bodypump is mainly a bodybuilding discipline, it’s not just about strength exercises. Every routine has to be done in time with the music, and this requires coordination.

As a beginner, you might find it difficult to coordinate your movements at first. But don’t worry – over time and with practice, you’ll get better and better at doing this until you have no problem at all.

It improves endurance: health benefits of bodypump

This combination of exercise and music normally lasts about an hour, which is plenty of time to stimulate your lungs and heart.

This can help to increase your aerobic and anaerobic endurance, both of which are enhanced by the constant changes in pace over time.

It’ll make you feel happier

A woman using a disc weight to get the health benefits of bodypump.

Any form of physical activity is good for your mental health, and Bodypump is no different.

As a publication in Sports Medicine explains, when exercising, the brain releases endorphins: hormones that provide a feeling of happiness. Furthermore, the fact that you train in a group along to the rhythm of music can also stimulate hormonal segregation.

Things to be careful about when doing Bodypump

One of the key aspects of Bodypump is that each person should choose the size and weight of the discs that are most appropriate for them. The idea is that the training session should be tailored to your own individual abilities.

However, since most people don’t know a lot about this form of exercise, people can often misjudge this and cause themselves an injury. So, it’s necessary to ask for some guidance when you’re starting out to avoid hurting yourself.

Finally, it’s important not to train more than three times a week. Otherwise, you’ll overtrain your different muscle groups. But if you have any doubts, find a professional or personal trainer to help you design a training plan that’s right for you.

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