Build Your Endurance Fast by Running

It's been proven that running has great health benefits,such as decreasing the risk of cardiac problems, burning fat and toning muscles. These are all added bonuses to strengthening your endurance through running.
Build Your Endurance Fast by Running

Last update: 07 December, 2018

Do you find yourself out of breath after just running a block? Does jumping rope a few times make your heart feel like it’s about to burst? What you need is a stronger endurance! Don’t worry, we’ll show you how you can build it fast by running. Keep on reading!

Endurance is a basic skill that allows us to perform a physical activity for as long as possible. Continuous movements, such as climbing stairs or walking long distances, are all possible thanks to endurance. Prolonged exercise can be difficult to maintain sometimes and the reason why is a lack of endurance. But fret not, there’s a solution…running!

Running is a discipline that involves all parts of the body. While everyone may have their own running style, running generally consists of alternating both legs in lunge movements.

Build your endurance by running

Running is a great way to build endurance. But it’s only effective if you’re running consistently. In other words, a strong endurance isn’t something that you can gain in just one outing, nor is it something that you can maintain without running habitually.

Running habit

On the contrary, if you want to build your endurance quickly, you have to abide by consistency and  commitment. Running won’t do you any good if you start running every afternoon only to quit after a few weeks. Later, if you decide to take up running again, you’ll have to start from zero again because you’ll have lost the endurance that you were trying to build in the first place.

Now that we’re on the same page, it’s time to build your endurance by running. Take a look at the following tips:


Aside from running consistently throughout the week, you need to run consistently each time you go out. What we’re saying is that you need to maintain control of your speed to keep it consistent while you’re running. Establish distances that you can run, keeping a consistent pace throughout. If you try tackling a long route where you can’t control your pace and keep changing it because you get tired, you won’t be able to build your endurance.

Of course, for a stronger endurance, you have to run more. And, to run more, you need longer routes. However, trying to run long distances without already having the endurance that you’d need will only waste your time. Not to mention, it will overwhelm your muscles and respiratory system.

Instead, start with a route that’s within your capacity and add more distance with time. By doing so gradually, you can build your endurance quickly because you’ll be working on it gradually, allowing it to develop properly.

Controlling your breathing

A key factor for building endurance is learning how to control your breathing. Breathing incorrectly will tire you out faster, affecting your work out. In addition, breathing incorrectly as you are running weakens your endurance. So, just as you concentrate on keeping a consistent pace, you need to keep your breathing stable as well. To breathe correctly, always focus on breathing through your nose, never through your mouth.

Running breathing

Give your body energy

Your energy levels have a lot to do with your body’s endurance in prolonged activities. In light of that, having high energy levels will help you build your endurance quickly. Failing to do so might leave your body without the push that it needs to endure movements.

The body needs specific foods containing glucose to produce energyOur metabolism transforms glucose into energy so that our brains and bodies can perform daily tasks. The best foods to eat before running are bananas, oats, nuts and spinach.

Running is amazing for us. Aside from making our body healthy, it can increase our endurance quickly, which will be a benefit for all kinds of daily chores and different exercises. Endurance is just as important as your motor skills for doing any kind of movement. So, get running and build up your endurance today!

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