Four Reasons for Using a Bike Around the City

Many avenues and main streets are saturated with cars and buses; traffic keeps getting more and more unbearable and if we don't use the subway it takes a lot of time to get to work or wherever we want to go. No wonder many people have started to use a bike around the city instead.
Four Reasons for Using a Bike Around the City

Last update: 30 October, 2019

When a ‘trend’ is beneficial for our health, we want to investigate it further. And, when it comes to using a bike around the city, the outcome is positive for our economy, society and the environment. Let’s look at the reasons why we should travel on two wheels more often.

Reasons for using a bike around the city

No matter what model of bike you choose, its color, or if you rent or own it… using a bike around the city has many benefits. This transportation method is clean, affordable and fast. Therefore, it can be the solution to many typical problems found in big cities.

Woman riding a bike around the city

Bikes are the answer to several problems, including, working out without paying a gym membership and avoiding traffic jams. If you still haven’t decided on whether to use a bike around the city, we’ll give you some reasons why you should:

1. Because it’s healthier for you

Working long shifts reduces your spare time (and your energy resources) in which to practice some sort of physical activity. You spend so much time sitting in front of a desk that your sedentary lifestyle is starting to take a toll on your health. Obesity, cramps, varicose veins, headaches… and the list goes on and on.

How can you avoid all of these consequences that come from the more-than-eight hours you spend in the office? By riding a bike! That’s right, by using a bike around the city, you can take advantage of the time you spend commuting, to work out instead. If you live far away or if you’ve never ridden a bike, you can always use the subway or park your car several blocks away and use a rental bike. Gradually increase the distance, until you can ride a bike for the entire journey, in a round trip!

2. Because it reduces environmental pollution

One of the greatest problems in cities, is the amount of smog suspended in the air. The smog comes from the hundreds of vehicles that travel through the streets (among other causes). Imagine if only a small percentage of the population decided to ride a bike to work? Certainly, this would significantly improve pollution.

For example, in some bike-friendly cities like Amsterdam, they were able to reduce approximately 25 percent of the carbon dioxide emissions in the atmosphere, thanks to a one change of habits from the population. This has resulted in fewer deaths and health problems linked to respiratory infections, such as asthma or allergies.

3. Because it’s faster

Using a bike around the city can get you to wherever you need to be, faster! This is because you won’t depend on traffic and traffic jams. Finding a place to park your bike is easy too, and if you have one of those bikes that you can fold, it’s even easier.

Woman on a bike

Also, you won’t stop every once in a while (unless you want to rest), in the way that public transportation stops every few blocks. You’ll be 100 percent independent and can follow the route you want -therefore avoiding boredom- and arriving at your destiny in record time. Especially if you pedal a bit faster, or you have a good physical condition.

You must keep in mind the safety measurements and signals; respect the designated pathways in some neighborhoods, yield to pedestrians and stay alert and awake for cars and other vehicles passing by. And of course, you should always wear a helmet.

4. Because it’s cheaper

Have you made the math on how much you spend on a monthly or annual basis on commuting to work? For example, if you use a car, you may be spending around 2,300 dollars annually. Parking spots, gas, road tolls, car wear-down… everything soon adds up.

And depending on where you live, the price to ride the subway, bus or train can be pretty high too. Imagine what you can do with all the money you’ll save, just by using a bike around the city! For starters, you can enjoy a well-deserved vacation after so much pedaling! You can buy new clothes, make repairs to your home, buy furniture or even save to buy your own house. Where will your bike take you?

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