The Health Benefits of Indoor Cycling

If you're a fan of group sports, then indoor cycling may be ideal for you. We'll take a look at the many health benefits of indoor cycling in the article below.
The Health Benefits of Indoor Cycling

Last update: 02 June, 2019

Spinning or indoor cycling is still catching on all over the world. It’s a fun aerobic exercise that’s heightened with music that pushes you to give it all you’ve got. In this article, we’ll take a look at the health benefits of indoor cycling. Make sure to keep reading!

Health benefits of indoor cycling: what you need to know

Spinning is a group fitness activity that guarantees a great cardiovascular workout. What’s more, most of its followers are women. Indoor cycling was made for those who like to exercise but become bored alone or by doing repetitive workouts like those you do on a machine.

The best thing of all is that each class is different and uses different songs for you to follow the rhythm by pedaling.

Spinning (a registered trademark) came about in 1987 with American cyclist Johnny Goldberg. He started out giving classes to his friends and family in his garage with a stationary bike he designed himself!

Indoor cycling’s group component is without a doubt one of its most important features. Though it can be done alone, it wouldn’t be as fun for many people.

What are the health benefits of indoor cycling?

Pedaling is one of the best cardio exercises but that’s not the only health benefit indoor cycling has to offer. We’ll go over some of the more significant ones below.

1. Strengthens your lower body

This is one of the reasons why most of those who practice spinning are women. Indeed, indoor cycling mainly targets your legs, glutes, and thighs. However, the best part is that it doesn’t leave out your upper body (mainly your abs and arms). It’s most definitely a very complete exercise.

Health benefits of indoor cycling

2. Improves your cardiovascular system

Since it’s a cardio exercise in every way, we have to mention how spinning benefits your heart health. It strengthens it in such a way that it even lowers your heart rate when you’re resting. What’s more, it improves blood circulation and regulates blood pressure.

3. Helps you slim down: health benefits of indoor cycling

Going to an indoor cycling class is a surefire way of sweating and burning fat. One of its main benefits is the possibility of losing weight since the classes are very challenging. Don’t be scared: if you’ve never done it before, you can go at your own pace and put more effort into it little by little.

The amount of calories burned in a spinning class depends on each person. Still, to see results, keep in mind that you also have to follow a balanced diet.

4. Health benefits of indoor cycling: improves mood

Many who exercise do so to eliminate stress and tension, and to feel happy before going to sleep. This is because exercise releases happiness hormones, leading to a better mood. What’s more, you may also feel less irritable, depressed, and anxious.

Try it out after a hard day at work. Once you get home, you won’t even remember the problems you had and you’ll go to sleep with a smile on your face. Say goodbye to stress!

5. Strengthens your respiratory system

Indeed, this is another advantage of spinning that it shares with all cardio activities. You’ll build endurance to not only train but also for everyday activities. For example, you might find it easier to climb the stairs, run to catch the bus or play in the park with your children.

6. Gets you socializing

When someone exercises in a group, they feel more motivated and accompanied. Many friendships have formed thanks to sports, and indoor cycling is no exception.

Women at gym indoor cycling

If you live alone or don’t have too many friends, we recommend that you practice spinning, since it puts you in contact with other people with the same interests.

Of course, there are many other health benefits of indoor cycling such as gaining self-confidence, setting aside your hang-ups, and eliminating negative thoughts. It can also help with improving self-esteem, strengthening your bones, muscles, and joints, accelerating your metabolism, resting better, staying young, and having fun. Don’t hesitate to give it a try and have the time of your life!

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