The Best Sports to Practice in Good Weather

With the arrival of heat and sunny days, you'll probably want to enjoy the outdoors and fresh air by practicing sports. We will analyze which sports are the best suited for good weather conditions.
The Best Sports to Practice in Good Weather

Last update: 15 November, 2019

One of the best times to practice sports is in the spring, this is because the good weather appears and the number of daylight hours increase. The pleasant temperature motivates you to play sports and be in contact with the outdoors.

Another good weather season to practice sports in is the summer. Just as in spring, during the summer, there are many activities that allow us to be in contact with nature and get in shape at the same time.

In addition, you may have more time as this is when the holiday period begins. If you manage to start a routine or a new sport, it will help keep you in shape. This way, you can face the return to your normal schedule with a better mood and more energy. Up next, we will talk about some of the sports that you can practice in good weather.


Rafting: this sport consists of navigating the course of a river in the direction of the current. You are usually riding on a canoe or kayak. This sport is perfect for good weather because when the temperatures rise, melting occurs in mountainous areas. This makes the rivers swell with water. 

Swimming: a complete sport that can be practiced at any age. We all enjoy taking a dip in the pool, and there are also temperature controlled pools that allow you to continue your swimming sessions during the winter.

Swimming a sport that can be practiced at any age.

Surfing: consists of maintaining balance on a board while riding on a wave, on which you can slide and turn. If you like the sea and the feeling of total freedom, then this is the perfect good weather sport for you.

Canoeing: perfect to practice in rivers or reservoirs. It consists of paddling water while inside a canoe. You can do it individually or with friends. Canoeing is without a doubt one of the most fun sports to practice during good weather and when it’s hot outside.

It’s ideal for strengthening the arms and it improves your physical condition without having to make a great effort. You can also admire the natural environment that surrounds you.

Diving: is a much more difficult sport than the previous ones. It’s necessary to take classes beforehand. Always consider the security measures that are practiced during every dive. Open water diving in the sea is ideal for people who like marine life, as you can enjoy the fauna of the seabed.

Other sports

Beach volleyball and soccer: what better place to practice a sport than on a sandy beach? These sports can help to tone your body and you can also splash in the seashore after playing sports.

Hiking: if you don’t like the beach and you prefer to spend your time in the mountains, you can practice hiking. This sport is ideal for being in nature, but don’t forget to wear good shoes, stay hydrated, and use sun protection.

Hiking is ideal for being in contact with nature.

Climbing: for the more adventurous, rocky areas offer walks where you can enjoy this sport. With the safety gear always in perfect condition (hooks, harnesses, ropes, and other instruments), climbing becomes one of the most attractive activities.

Skating: is a fun sport and you can skate individually or in a group. In addition, it can help you travel to places in less time while you are doing the sport, which contributes to your fitness.

Biking: just as with skating, you can benefit from this because it helps you travel to places faster. Furthermore, biking is an easy sport to practice, which means that people of all ages can practice it—from the youngest to the oldest.

Tennis: is the ideal sport to socialize while taking care of your health. In hot weather, always wait for the coolest hours before playing this sport.

Running: if you don’t have much time to visit the mountains and you live in the city, the best and cheapest sport is running. In the spring, not even the cool weather is an excuse to stay on the couch! You can go running in a park near your home. If you’re a very sociable person, you can run with someone else to make it more enjoyable.

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