The Most Popular Track and Field Events

15th November 2019
What do you know about track and field events? The term not only includes different kinds of races, but javelin throwing and pole vaulting as well. Find out more below!

Track and field events involve more than just running around a track. Find out more about the different events that are featured at the Olympics and many other global competitions. Below, we’ll go over the most popular track and field events.

Track and field events: sprinting

For this event, there are varying distances: 100, 200, and 400 meters. It involves running a certain distance as quickly as possible.

Sprint take off

The runner has to stay in their lane (they may not veer into other athletes’ lanes). Once the starter’s gun goes off, the competition begins. Then, the athletes push off of their starting blocks and run to finish before the others.

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There are 110-meter hurdle races and 400-meter hurdle races. Both kinds are for men and women, with the latter being its longest version.

As in sprinting events, the athlete’s goal is to complete the course as quickly as possible. In this event, however, they must jump ten hurdles during the race.

Obstacle race

The most renowned is the 3,000-meter steeplechase where runners have to jump hurdles and race through the water.

High jump

The goal of this event is to jump as high as possible. The jumper has three chances to jump over a horizontal bar suspended on two vertical supports.

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Hammer, javelin, and discus throw

These are the so-called tests of strength where the thrower has to launch the objects as far as possible.

Relay races

There are two kinds, the 4×100 meter-race, and the 4×400 meter-race. This event is a team effort (the only one in track and field). What’s more, it involves passing a baton from one runner to another while staying in the same lane.

Pole vault

The objective is to clear a bar that’s placed up high (about five meters) using a pole. The runner starts at a starting line and runs to where the bar is suspended. They then stick the pole into the ground and propel themselves upward in order to clear the bar.

Long- and middle-distance running

Long-distance running covers distances of 5,000 and 10,000 meters. On the other hand, middle-distance running includes the 800 and 1,500-meter races. Further, what sets it apart from sprinting is that, at a certain point, runners can leave their lane and go wherever they want.

Race walking

The races are 20 and 50 km for both men and women. Interestingly, unlike other events, the athletes can’t lift both feet from the ground at the same time. In other words, they must always have one foot on the ground.

Track and field

Long jump and triple jump

In the triple jump, the athlete has to jump as far as possible after skipping, hopping, and jumping (hence “triple”). As for the long jump, the athlete has to leap as far as possible with one jump. To do this, they’ll gain momentum with a small run before jumping feet first on a dirt surface from the starting line.

Then, the jump is measured from the starting line to the closest break the athlete left in the sand with any part of their body. What’s more, they have three attempts to improve their distance.

In conclusion, track and field is the oldest sport and it includes multiple events. Further, each of these events requires specific skills. We hope the information in this article can motivate you to try out some of these sports.