Running In the Heat: 8 Tips and Tricks for Your Summer Runs

Enjoy your runs in the summer with these tips and tricks to help you stay protected and safe in the heat.
Running In the Heat: 8 Tips and Tricks for Your Summer Runs

Last update: 14 August, 2018

As the days get hotter and sunnier, we begin to take our activity outside into the fresh air. This is definitely a good move, but there are a few things to keep in mind in order to achieve the results we want. This article will give you 8 tips and tricks for your summer run.

Advice for running in the summer

If you’d like to try running, or you recently took up this fascinating sport, it’s important to remember a few tricks. The precautions you take will mean the difference between a day of great performance, or a day of terrible training.

In addition, when you run at the right time, and with the correct clothing, there’s less of a chance that you’ll end up giving up after a week. Pay attention to the following advice when you go on your run this summer:

1. Don’t run in the middle of the afternoon

The middle of the day is the worst time for exercising, especially if you’re doing it outside. If you want to run, it’s better to go early in the morning or after 6.00pm. Avoid going after lunch, and choose a shady route.

2. Protect yourself from the sun

It doesn’t matter if it’s a cloudy day – even though we may not be able to tell, the sun is always in the sky above. Even if you follow the first step that we’ve outlined, you should protect yourself from the sun’s rays unless you’re running at 10.00pm, of course!

Before leaving home, put sunscreen on, paying special attention to your face and the back of your neck. Don’t forget your sunglasses and a good hat too. This way you’ll be safe and protected from the harmful effects of UV rays.

3. Drink a lot of water

You’ve probably heard this recommendation hundreds of times, but it never hurts to be reminded again. The famous “8 glasses of water a day” may not even be enough for you, depending on the time of year and the amount of exercise you’re doing.

Running in the summer

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle whenever you go for a run. Even if it’s annoying to hold, you’ll need it. Always drink the suggested daily amount hour-by-hour, as opposed to all at once.

4. Choose natural places

They say that when it’s hot outside, areas with a lot of concrete or cement can retain heat more than any other place. Because of this, choose a natural area for your runs, somewhere with plants and trees. This isn’t just good for the views, but running on grass or a dirt path will have less impact on your joints than a paved route.

If you live near a river, ocean, or lake (even if they’re artificial), we recommend exercising there! You’ll enjoy the added benefit of fresh air…just what you need while you train!

5. Wear the right clothing

Nowadays there are thousands of brands who make clothes specifically for exercising. One of our tips is to choose exercise clothes that are not just tailored for your sport, but also for the time of year.

Avoid dark colors; they’ll make you feel warm and they won’t reflect the sun’s rays. We also recommend against wearing Lycra or other tight fabrics. It’s better to choose fresh, breathable fabrics that will quickly absorb perspiration.

Woman stretching

6. Pay attention to the weather

The heat index is the combination of the humidity and the temperature. It’s the most important number when it comes to running in the summer. When the air feels heavy and humid, the body has to work harder to cool itself down with sweat. Additionally, you’ll end up with less oxygen in your lungs, even if you’re breathing normally.

7. Reduce intensity

During the summer, we can’t try to beat records or surpass all of our exercise goals. This should be saved for cooler seasons. Even if you love training during warm months, keep in mind that your body is already exerting more effort.

It’s essential to reduce the intensity and adjust your rhythm when you run in the summer. This means putting fewer demands on your body. It also means not pushing your body to its breaking point. If you do, you’ll have a harder time recuperating later. It’s always preferable to do less, than to do nothing!

8. Enjoy yourself!

Lastly, the best tips and tricks that we can give you for your summer run, is to have a good time. Take advantage of the fresh air and enjoy the nature. Find ways to incorporate exercise into your summer vacations as well.

With these tips for running in the summer, your experience will be more beneficial – physically, and emotionally.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.