Sports Combining Dance and Exercise

Being able to combine dance and exercise was a bet that fitness made years ago. The success of this form of exercise grows every year.
Sports Combining Dance and Exercise

Last update: 26 November, 2020

If you don’t like lifting weights or doing exercise classes where you have to use strength, we recommend trying out classes or sports that combine dance and exercise! Get fit while you have fun and burn calories!

How can you combine dance and exercise?

Some time ago, the “geniuses” of the fitness world realized that some people weren’t going to the gym because it was boring for them. These people wanted to exercise in a more entertaining way. This is how classes such as step, salsa, and spinning came about.

If you’re looking to combine dance and exercise so that you can enjoy yourself while you get fit, you’re in the right place. Here, you can learn how to make friends while you’re having fun and burning calories. The following list will give you some different ideas:

1. Zumba: dance and exercise

Zumba is probably the first thing that comes to mind when you think of dance and exercise. These classes are lots of fun and allow us to learn choreographed dances with the hit songs of the moment, such as reggaeton and Latin pop. Put on your colorful clothes and get ready for an hour of pure fun!

Zumba, which is derived from the word rumba, was born in Latin America, which is why the music chosen is primarily from this region. The success of Zumba is as related to the exercise you get through the class, as it is to losing your embarrassment and disconnecting for an hour of class.

2. R-Fitness

Similar to Zumba, R-Fitness is a little more complicated and is for those who are looking for a high-impact exercise. The choreographies of R-Fitness -reggaeton and fitness- are dynamic and can include squats and jumping jacks along with the typical poses of reggaeton.

Shbam group dance routine

3. Sh’Bam: dance and exercise

With such a curious, exotic name, Sh’Bam is another discipline that combines dance and exercise. Sh’Bam was born in New Zealand and each class lasts 45 minutes. 

In this time span, twelve different songs are played, each with a previously stipulated choreography. The songs can be higher or lower movement, but the key to the class is in the progression. During the class, you advance from the most basic movements to more complex ones.

4. Afro-aerobics

The word aerobics can make us think of the exercises from the 90s. But since then, the field has expanded and created new subdisciplines. One of these is Afroaerobics, a complete exercise that combines African rhythms with European dance. 

With such an interesting philosophy, Afroaerobics is a moderate-intensity exercise and is ideal for those people who have body expression as a part of their philosophy of life.

5. Ballet fit

Ballet is a discipline which, rightly, requires a lot of discipline as well as continual practice. It’s usually related to hours and hours of practice from a very early age. However, thanks to Ballet Fit, more people can learn the basic postures while enjoying music and working out.

6. Body Jam

It’s impossible to find a more modern name. When you hear “Body Jam,” you likely think of a group of young people dancing together in a large room, with colorful baggy clothes. These classes combine dance and exercise and usually last between 30 and 55 minutes. 

Each session of Body Jam can include different music genres, as long as they are all dynamic, fast, and fun.

Body Jam

7. Booty Shape Movement: dance and exercise

Booty Shape Movement is one of the newest trends in the fitness world, and according to the instructors, is the best way to get envy-worthy glutes in the least amount of time. Through energetic and dynamic dances and choreographies, it can help women love their bodies and be proud of their curves.

The Booty Shape Movement classes are group classes, and are usually around 50 minutes long. In addition to dancing, you also do squats, planks, pushups, leg lifts, and abdominal exercises. However, the overall focus of the exercises is on your glutes.

8. Jazzercise

Just like the name indicates, this discipline is a mix between jazz music and exercise. A Jazzercise class is 100 percent cardio because it also includes kickboxing movements, yoga, and Pilates, both high and low impact.

Finally, there are a few other disciplines that combine dance and exercise that are worth mentioning. Pound Rockout, which mostly works your arms, FitDance, which has Latin rhythms, Total Barre, which combines ballet, yoga, and Pilates, and Strong by Zumba. Why not try the one that interests you the most?

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