Build Muscle with Different Training Techniques

The scientific term for increasing the musculature is 'muscular hypertrophy'. It's basically the growth of the muscle fibers and therefore, the muscle. Muscle development is very common in athletes or people who perform physical activities.
Build Muscle with Different Training Techniques

Last update: 09 November, 2019

Increasing muscle mass is not as difficult as it seems. There are certain requirements that you must meet to increase your musculature, one of the most important is to train hard. Therefore, we suggest different training techniques for you and to help you build your muscles in a successful way. Keep reading!

Now, if you are following the same routine or the same exercises, your muscles will only work to a certain extent. This can cause a ‘stagnation’, that is, the muscle doesn’t continue to grow. It’s because those exercises will no longer have the same effect. Therefore, it’s best to change your routine every so often. So, use varied training techniques to gain muscle, and mix up your routine.

Pre-exhaustion technique

The pre-exhaustion technique, also called pre-fatigue, is about ‘isolating’ the muscle. That is, the muscles to be worked are chosen and the exercises are focussed on that specific area. It’s a training method that provides good effects in a short time. However, it’s not ideal to do this too often due to the risk of overtraining.

Woman training with barbell to build muscles.

The way to put this training into practice is to first, perform an isolation exercise, and then, a basic exercise. For example, first the leg press and then squats. You can perform this technique about two or three times a week.

The routine of the 100 repetitions

As you read, this routine involves 100 repetitions of each exercise. This routine can be quite exhausting since it is about performing a large number of repetitions. However, it’s a physical and mental challenge that can give your muscles great results.

To perform this method do a good warm up, then select the exercises of the muscles you want to work and perform 100 repetitions. If in the middle of training you become very tired, or the muscle starts to hurt, take a short break and then continue. The important point is to complete the 100 repetitions.

Ascending Technique

In this technique, you must use weight, and it’s important that you are aware of your abilities. That is to say, if you have never implemented weights in your training before, it is a good idea to start with weights of 5 or 10 pounds; and as you build strength, you can increase the weight. In this way, you won’t run the risk of suffering from soreness or injury.

Now, if you have worked with weights before you can add this technique to your training without any problem. The ascending method consists of starting with a set and a minimum amount of weight and ascending in each set. As an example, do 10 squats with 5 pounds, then 20 with 10 pounds, and in this way increase the weight and repetitions.

Time under tension

The muscles generate tension when moving an external load. Likewise, sustaining the tension for a certain time increases the muscular effort, which results in the growth of the muscles. This is one of the training techniques in which you shouldn’t focus on repetition but on sustained exercises.

Exercises such as isometric squats, sustained lunges, and others will help you to accomplish this goal. To apply this method you must also advance gradually. In other words, the ideal (and for the health of your muscles) is to start by holding the exercises for 30 seconds; and eventually, you’ll able to do this for longer.

Woman feeling tired because she can't build muscles.

Strictly necessary

There are certain aspects that are necessary for the training techniques to bear fruit. Sometimes, we focus on perfecting the routine, that’s excellent. However, the following should not be dismissed:

  • Rest: there is no set amount of hours that you have to rest. However, try as much as possible not to rest less than eight hours. In the same way, rest when your body requests it, this is important as during rest the muscle recovers.
  • Eat well: food is essential for the growth of muscles. In addition, poor nutrition is a risk for training, since you can damage your muscles. And in turn, training without eating well doesn’t burn fat, but muscle, which slows its growth.
  • Hydrate: keep well hydrated. Oxygenated muscles promote effectiveness during exercise.

These training techniques are beneficial for the increase of the musculature. External aspects that help the process of muscle gain are also important. It’s essential that you train regularly. If you train sporadically it’s very likely that your muscles won’t consolidate. Therefore, discover your motivation and execute these techniques in your training. Let’s go!

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