Countries with the Worst Diets

Let's take a look at the countries with the worst diets in the world. These unhealthy diets tend to cause certain problems in their populations.
Countries with the Worst Diets

Last update: 25 October, 2018

Today we will look at three countries with some of the worst diets in the world. The United States, Costa Rica, and Egypt have very high obesity rates, in comparison to other countries.This is a direct consequence of their poor nutrition. Despite the fact that these three countries do have traditional and healthy recipes, their population gravitates more towards the unhealthy. It seems that in recent times, precooked and high-fat recipes have been gaining ground instead.

The United States

United states has one of the worlds worst diets

The fact that the United States is on a list of countries with the worst diets doesn’t surprise anyone. The infamous poor health of Americans is principally due to two factors: their unhealthy diets and their sedentary lifestyles. The consequences of these habits are an obesity rate in adults, above 35 percent. This has led to high rates of hypertension and cholesterol problems.

The diets of most Americans are based on fast food and the consumption of sugary drinks. This type of diet satisfies them up in such a way that they fail to consume fresh foods, such as fruits or vegetables with the recommended frequency.

For Americans, fast food has transcended into a way of life and become a part of their culture. It’s common to eat at roadside stands or to purchase food from globally-renowned fast food chains. Going to these types of outlets has become a recreation or a way to pass the time. These places have also become the perfect excuse for days when time is short and work commitments leave no time for cooking.

The fast food industry contributes to the worst diets

The success of the fast food industry is due to two main factors. The first is that they make it so easy for any American to eat at a fast food restaurant. They are on every street and every corner. Not only that, but many of these establishments deliver to people’s homes

The second factor is the low price of this type of food. Not only is it ready to eat as soon as you buy it, but buying a hamburger, hot dog, or a similar product can be even cheaper than going to the store and buying healthy food.

When these calorie-bombs are accompanied with sugary drinks, the result is one of the worst diets in the world. And that brings a variety of health problems along with it.


Egypt is one of the countries with the worst diets

Egypt has a 60 percent obesity rate, the highest in Africa. It’s very interesting that on the same continent, we also find the most severe cases of malnutrition and, at the same time, one of the most obese countries in the world. The reasons why Egypt has reached first place on the list of countries with the worst diets are the following:

  • Added sugar: Egyptians consume sugar at such a high rate that some experts refer to it as an addiction. A great part of the sugar they eat is drunk in their famous teas. Each one of them can have three or four spoons of sugar in one cup. If we multiply this by the number of cups they drink per day, the result is a staggering amount of sugar. Not only that, but the local cuisine includes many sugary desserts, such as maskina or masbousa.
  • Fried foods: in a recent survey, most Egyptians declared that they don’t eat fruits or vegetables daily. On the other hand, they frequently consume fried foods. It’s so popular that some Egyptians claim that fried foods were invented in the country and the majority of their recipes involve frying. This increases their caloric content as well as, of course, the cholesterol levels of Egyptians.

Costa Rica

To cap off the list of countries with the worst diets, we travel to Costa Rica. It’s true that the obesity rate isn’t as worrisome as in the previous countries. However, you have to consider that this rate has increased fourfold in the last 40 years.

It’s currently at 26 percent. The increase in obesity among the Costa Rican population is based on dietary changes and the increased consumption of unhealthy foods. Some of the most popular and least healthy foods typical to Costa Rica are the following:

  • Fats: fats are very important in Costa Rican cuisine. The meats, and even the fish that they eat, are very fatty. They are also usually eaten with sauces. Without a doubt, the high amount of fat in the recipes that they prepare, are the biggest reason for the increase in obesity in the country.
  • Empanadas: one of the most popular foods in Costa Rica. They are shaped in a half a circle, and are filled with different foods. The main problem with this apparently healthy dish, is that it’s fried. That’s why it contains a high amount of fat.
  • Sugary fruits: in recent years, the consumption of fruits and vegetables in the country has been swapped for fats, and other foods which are not very healthy. Even though Costa Ricans continue to eat fruits, most of it is tropical. Because of that, it contains a high amount of sugar.

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