Five Breakfasts for Athletes Based on Fruit

It's necessary for athletes to eat breakfast, but it should be eaten as part of a controlled diet. Among other things, it should provide energizing resources and be easy to digest. Because of this, there is an entire list of breakfasts for athletes that are based on fruits.
Five Breakfasts for Athletes Based on Fruit

Last update: 20 October, 2018

The balanced formula for breakfasts for athletes will always contain cereal, dairy products and fruits to facilitate regularity in the digestive system. The choice of fruits are important because not all fruits have the same quantity of vitamins and minerals.

Energizing breakfast with bananas

The main point of this breakfast is that it provides us with the energy that is needed for training. A banana, juice from an orange, and some dried fruits will give us the amount of potassium and magnesium that will get us going. An example of dried fruits may be a handful of raisins and five walnuts.

It’s also important to include some cereal and a dairy product in this nutritious and healthy breakfast. This means that you can include a glass of milk and three pieces of toast, with butter and jelly, or a half cup of cereal.  Yogurt can be exchanged for the milk.

This is a diet that may also be followed by vegans, who can use soy milk as an alternative, as it is the best substitute for cow’s milk. Soy milk is energizing and helps to carry out the functions that protein and calcium provide.

Breakfast with ham

In Spain, one of the most recommended fruit-based breakfasts includes ham. For this, we need one or two slices of ham, bread and olive oil.

Ham is a great ingredient that provides protein in a small portion, with little fat and a wonderful flavor. To begin the day with a healthy touch, we can add one or two slices of tomato on the bread.

In addition to the olive oil and tomato, we need to complement this breakfast with a piece of fruit.  Here we can add orange juice and an entire piece of fruit. This could be an apple, a pomegranate, a pear, etc.

Diet to lose weight

If we are looking to lose weight, a good idea is to add a slice of smoked salmon to a piece of whole grain bread. Another option is to have a cup of green tea with breakfast.

Instead of milk, a better choice could be yogurt with honey. We can still continue to drink orange juice, strawberry juice or another fruit juice that’s rich in potassium.

Continuing with the goal of losing weight, choose an apple or a kiwi. These are foods rich in vitamin C. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water when exercising too.

The fitness meal: breakfasts based on fruits for athletes

Smoothies and breakfast are an excellent combination for athletes. In this sense, fruits and vegetables play an important role in nutrition before exercising.

There are many smoothie ideas according to the preferences and necessities at a nutritional level. For example: to have a good burst of energy, it would be the classic 3-in-1 juice. This is a mixture of an orange, a red beet and a carrot.

To clean and purify the body, we can also make a pineapple and cucumber smoothie.

Fruit salad breakfast for athletes

A smoothie isn’t the only alternative, even though it will aid the digestive process before training or for a competition. If we want to change our diet a little in the morning and maintain a healthy diet, we can make a salad of fruits and vegetables. The positive side of this salad is that it’s satisfying.

Of course, everything depends on the fruits that you choose. If you use some that are higher in calories, the quantity needs to be controlled. It’s good to limit the amount of juice that you consume too.

We need to remember that fruits help to balance a meal. The fact is that if there is a lot of fruit in a meal, it doesn’t mean that dairy products and cereals should be eliminated.

The types of ingredients that cereal and milk provide us with, give us the potential energy that is indispensable for physical performance. They are great options in respect to breakfasts for athletes, that are based on fruits.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.