Four Delicious and Healthy Alternatives to Sodas

When the hot summer months arrive or after we work out, our bodies require more hydration than usual. This is why we sometimes make the mistake of drinking sodas, but there are more healthier alternatives available.
Four Delicious and Healthy Alternatives to Sodas

Last update: 19 October, 2018

Experts have classified the consumption of sodas as a harmful habit for your health. Numerous studies have revealed a direct relationship between these drinks and obesity, especially within children and teenagers. So it’s important to look for healthier alternatives to sodas.

Why should you look for alternatives to sodas?

Drinking sodas is directly related to diabetes and certain cardiovascular diseases. Even though this information is widely spread, many people can’t stop regularly drinking sodas. It’s classed as an addiction. Let’s look at some healthy drinks that are excellent alternatives to sodas.


It’s definitely the best option. Water should always be in the first place among the liquids that a person usually drinks. Doctors recommend drinking between six and eight glasses of water daily. This amount may vary depending on the activities you do, and factors such as the weather.

Woman drinking a glass of water

Water contains no fats, carbohydrates, sugar or calories. Therefore, it’s a great ally for weight loss. You need it to maintain the proper level of hydration, to fight fatigue and a lack of energy.

Drinking enough water may help to prevent heart attacks and headaches, since these can be caused by dehydration.

Drinking water also helps with constipation and improves your digestion. Furthermore, it contributes to having soft and glowing skin; it cleans your body by eliminating toxins and waste.

However, many people don’t like natural water, or they find it boring. The good news is that, besides water, there are many other healthy alternatives to sodas.

Tea and infusions

Tea and infusions are an excellent option to reducing your soda consumption. You can drink them cold or hot, and there’s a wide variety of flavors. In addition, they don’t contain sugar. Some of them also contain theine, which can replace the effect of caffeine in sodas.

A cup of tea as an example of alternatives to sodas

There are many types of teas, each one with their own set of properties and health benefits. The main ones are: black tea, green tea, red tea, yellow tea, chai tea and white tea.

Green tea is one of the most popular ones, due to its numerous benefits. Unlike other teas, this one doesn’t oxidize during its production, which allows it to keep its properties intact. Besides being an antioxidant, tranquilizer, weight loss aid and energizer, it’s also used in the prevention and treatment of cancer.

They’re also excellent alternatives to sodas as they’re natural, they don’t contain sugar and they can be very beneficial for your health. Many of them are made out of medicinal plants; the most common ones are: chamomile, mint, and valerian, among others.

Spearmint or mint lemonade

This is another good alternative to sodas; it’s very refreshing and ideal for hot summer days. You can make it easily and use it to accompany your meals or simply to refresh you during the day.

To make one jar of lemonade, you need one or two lemons, one or two sprigs of mint, a little sweetener to taste (optional), one and half liters of water and some ice. You can use sparkling water instead of regular water if you prefer. This will give your lemonade a special touch and it will taste like a homemade soda.

Peel the lemons and put them in a blender, along with the sweetener, the water and the ice. You have to blend or crush the mixture, strain it and put it in a glass jar with more ice. Add the mint leaves and some lemon slices to decorate.


Smoothies are refreshing, healthy and fun. You can make them with fruits or vegetables and any combination is allowed! They’re packed with vitamins, fiber and they’re very hydrating.

Girl making a smoothie

To make a smoothie, all you need it water, fruits or vegetables (you can even use frozen ones) and lots of ice. A delicious combo is the, “red jungle.” To make it, you need carrots, oranges and beets. This natural cocktail is packed full of vitamins, and it’s very beneficial for your skin.

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