3 Tricks To Help You Drink More Water Throughout the Day

Remaining properly hydrated is one of the things we tend to neglect the most. This is a huge mistake, given the importance that water has for our health, and especially if we exercise constantly.
3 Tricks To Help You Drink More Water Throughout the Day

Last update: 20 September, 2018

Many people find it hard to drink enough water throughout the day. They typically only drink it alongside meals and the rest of the time, they completely forget that they have to keep their body hydrated.

In order to prevent this from happening to you, we suggest some ideas to help you to drink more water throughout the day. 

Moreover, if you apply these tips to your daily routine, it will become much easier to drink water consistently during the day, with little added effort. After a short time, you will see that you have achieved your goal.

Before you start to follow the tips below, we need to point something out. Although you may have always heard that it is necessary to drink two liters of water each day, this is actually a myth.

The amount of water that you should drink each day actually varies. This depends on the amount of physical activity that you do, on your weight, and on your height. We wanted to mention this so that you do not obsess over having to drink at least two liters of water each day. Still, you do have to use common sense and drink an adequate amount of water, in small quantities, evenly spaced throughout the day.

Tips to help you drink more water throughout the day

Mobile applications


mobile exercise apps

Mobile phones have become an essential everyday tool. We are constantly connected and always carry our phones with us. This is why installing some mobile applications to help you drink more water throughout the day, is a good option.

In the App Store or in Google Play (depending on your phone’s operating system), you can find several applications of this type. All of them work in a similar way and remind you when you should drink water.

When you install this type of application, you will initially need to answer some questions about your age, weight, and height. This way, the application can calculate the amount of water that you should be drinking daily.

Once the application has calculated the amount of water you must drink, it will be time for you to start using it. Every time you drink water, you will have to tell the application, so that it can keep track of your consumption.

Once you have gone a while without drinking water, your phone will vibrate and remind you with a notification, that it’s time to drink water. At the end of the day, and without hardly realizing it, you’ll have consumed an appropriate amount of water and will be well hydrated.

Motivational water bottle

motivational water bottle

This is a trick to help you to drink more water throughout the day. It is very simple and effective in helping to motivate you to stay hydrated. If you fill up a two liter water bottle and commit to drinking it throughout the day, it will not seem so impossible. Although, seeing so much water may make you feel overwhelmed!

In order to make drinking water a pleasant experience, it is a good idea to draw lines (with a marker) from the top of the bottle to the bottom. These lines need to be separated by spaces of five centimeters. Next to each line, you can include a motivational message to yourself, such as: “You can do it!” “Just a little sip!” Or, “You’re halfway there!”

Sometimes, all you need is motivation. This way, you will be able to drink water, in small amounts throughout the day. Without even realizing it, you will finish the day with an empty water bottle. This is a simple idea and it’s very easy to customize to your liking. We encourage you to try this, so that you can start drinking more water throughout the day!

Flavored water

flavored water

If you find that drinking water is boring and tedious, you can try adding a little flavor, to make it easier to drink more water throughout the day. You can find flavored water at most supermarkets; in recent years, this product has become quite fashionable.

Despite this, we do advise that you make your own flavored water. This will be much healthier, fresher and a tastier way to drink enough water throughout the day.

There are many recipes ideas to help you prepare your own flavored water. The most important point is that you choose and add the fruits that you actually like! This ensures that you will want to continue drinking the water. 

Another point to keep in mind is that the longer you leave the water in the fridge, the more the fruits will infuse and the better it will taste. Therefore, it is good practice to prepare your flavored drink a few hours in advance and leave it in the fridge beforehand. 

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