The Ultimate Best Calorie Counter Apps

When we're willing to take control of what we eat, one of the most important things to keep track of is our daily calorie intake, something that these apps can help us with.
The Ultimate Best Calorie Counter Apps

Last update: 04 September, 2018

When you’re interested in losing weight, one of the things you need to succeed is knowing how many calories you should consume, versus how many you burn. These ultimate best calorie counter  apps will help you to do just that. 

At the grocery store, food labels tell us how many calories there are, per 100 grams of product. But, to avoid spending too much time doing the math, download an app that calculates it for you.

Which are the best calorie counter apps?


This app has a free version that has some limitations compared to the paid version. But, it’s so useful for setting specific goals. It includes a diary, where you can input everything that you eat. This will automatically count the number of calories in foods, and calculate the final total.

Plus, it measures your body mass index and tells you how many calories you need to ingest daily if you want to lose weight. Then, it will also suggest challenges, such as going meatless for a week, or removing junk food from your diet.

With the mantra, “you can form a habit in 21 days,” this app will ensure you lead a healthy lifestyle. To calculate your ideal calories intake, add the amount of water that you drink every day, and your workout routine.


app fitness to measure calories

In this app, you’ll be able to add the recipes that you’ve made. Based on these, it will automatically calculate the caloric value of each meal. A simple way to do this (and it’s actually a great feature, in comparison to the other apps) is by scanning the bar code of every product that you consume.

It’s perfect to not only know what foods contain the most calories, but to also avoid buying those who have too many. Thus, you won’t be tempted to break your diet.

Lose It

The name of this app is very interesting and appealing. It encourages you to lose something, and that something is weight! To start, you’ll have to input some data, such as your current weight, your height and your goal weight. The app will let you know how many calories you need, and based upon that, it will help you to know how many calories you’re actually eating.

Contrary to the previous app on this list, you’ll have to introduce the data manually, although there is the option to scan the bar codes, but it’s not available for all products. By the way, did we mention it’s completely free?


Although this app isn’t free, it’s not too expensive at $2.99 or €2.49/month. You only have to upload a photograph of your meal and the app will automatically analyze and count the calories in it. Isn’t that amazing? Even though it isn’t 100 percent precise, it has a relatively small margin of error.


fatsecret app to count calories

Free and very similar to Yaizo, you’ll be able to track everything you eat, your physical activity and therefore, the calories you burn. This allows the app to calculate how much you eat and how much you burn and tell you how much weight you can lose.

An extra feature, compared to the other apps, is that it has a broad collection of healthy recipes that will help you to reach your goals and stay on track.


Even though this app is still in the development stage, it promises to have a feature to count calories by just analyzing a photograph of your meal. It’s powered by Google, and we all know that Google usually delivers good quality apps.

Have you decided which of these apps to download yet? Go and do it and achieve your goals today! With this extra help, we’re sure you’ll lose all the weight you need, in no time.




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