5 Ways to Reduce Calories in Your Diet

If you want to reduce calories in your diet, you do not have to go hungry. With some guidelines and good eating habits, you can reduce your caloric intake and make it easier to lose weight.
5 Ways to Reduce Calories in Your Diet

Last update: 12 August, 2018

Surely, just thinking about different ways to reduce calories in your diet will whet your appetite to begin. Diet and nutrition are clearly associated with hunger. However, it does not have to be like this. You can reduce calories in your diet and lead a healthier lifestyle, while still getting the most out of your meals.

What are calories and how can you manage them in your diet?

In order to reduce the amount of calories you consume, you have to consider the type of food that you are eating. It is essential to keep eating foods with a high nutritional quality, so that your body does not become weak. A reduction of calories that is not accompanied by a conscious diet, will lead to hunger and discomfort. 

In general, adult women and men need approximately 2,000 to 2,500 calories per day, respectively. Taking these parameters into account, it becomes easier to establish ways to reduce calories in your diet. These figures may vary according to the age and type of activity that each individual performs.

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5 ways to reduce calories in your diet

  • Establish clear nutritional objectives. A good option is to choose a diet with a lot of fiber. Because they are lighter, foods rich in soluble fiber can provide more for the same weight. This can give you a feeling of fullness that lasts for longer.
  • Pay attention to your breakfast. Some foods have an excess of calories without providing too many nutrients. It is necessary to replace these foods with others that can help your diet. This change does not have to mean that you have to choose foods that do not taste good. An appetizing breakfast is essential to starting your day off on a good note: try to include cheese, cereal, or nuts.
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  • Drink a glass of water before eating. As simple as it sounds, water will provide a relaxing state of fullness. This way, you can remain hydrated and avoid eating with anxiety.
  • Replace sugar and refined foods. This sounds difficult, but it is not. You must do it progressively; sugary drinks, light drinks, and packaged juices may be among the the first things you remove from your diet. Natural sweeteners and whole wheat foods can be effective replacements.
  • Include vegetables in your dinner. There is no need to abandon your favorite dish, but try to cut your portions in half. Complete the other half of the meal with a variety of vegetables. For example, pumpkin, onion, tomato, or peppers will taste delicious with cheese on top.
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General considerations if you want to reduce calories in your diet

An adequate and balanced diet will be one that provides the amount of fat that your body requires. This would be the equivalent of 35 per cent of what your body consumes in daily calories. This percentage can be covered with “good fats” such as, oily fish, nuts, and olive oil, which give you energy without harming your health.

The intake of four daily servings of fruit and vegetables will reduce cholesterol. Additionally, proteins can contribute greatly to your diet and promote the burning of up to 100 calories each day. These macro-nutrients are useful, in helping you to not have cravings between meals.

You must remember, when planning a diet, not to fall into the trap of “light” foods. While it would be ideal to carry out a natural diet, it is necessary to be careful with some hidden fats. Sauces, cookies, and other foods that seem harmless, can ruin a good day of meticulous dieting.

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Thorough control of your daily fat intake will lead you to seek recipes with less fats and control the grease in the meals that you prepare. If you let a plate cool, the grease in it will typically float to the surface and you can then remove it. Another cooking trick is to use non-stick pans, steamers, or a wok. Additionally, a cooking spray can help you to regulate the amount of oil that you use while cooking.

Physical exercise is the best tool you can use to stay in shape and also to lose weight. Nothing will help you to reduce and burn calories quite like a 30 minute walk, a bike ride, or a healthy yoga session. 

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.