An Easy, Healthy and Tasty Breakfast

Here we will share some ideas to make an easy, healthy and tasty breakfast. Keep in mind that it is not necessary to invest a lot of time to take good care of your diet, starting from the beginning of each day. 
An Easy, Healthy and Tasty Breakfast

Last update: 12 August, 2018

You have probably heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and as such, you have to try to eat a healthy diet. It’s easy to eat fast food because we don’t want to lose a lot of time. For instance, pastries or high-sugar foods. But, this is a mistake, it really doesn’t take that long to make a simple and healthy breakfast!

Breakfasts with fruits

Vegan banana pancakes: if you do not want to use eggs, then you can prepare your breakfast using ripe bananas. To accompany these pancakes you can add yogurt and fresh cut fruit.

-Oatmeal with fruit: this combination is one of the best to accelerate the metabolism, since it provides energy to the body. To make this breakfast, you only need to cook half a cup of oatmeal with skim milk and then add a tablespoon of wheat. Finally, add your favorite pieces of cut up fruit.

-Milkshake, oatmeal, and fruits: use a cup of skim milk, half a cup of oatmeal and a piece of fruit that you like. Also, you can combine several types of fruit if you want to. Put them all in a blender and make your smoothie. If you leave it in the fridge you can drink it chilled.

Healthy breakfast fuits, oatmeal, eggs and nuts.

-Avocado toast with tuna and mango on rye bread: make an avocado cream by pureeing it with yogurt or cream cheese, and then add tuna and mango.

-Greek yogurt with granola: Greek yogurt has more protein than regular yogurt and is also a great source of probiotics. In addition, we can add granola and either fruit or nuts.

-Couscous with milk and fruit: Cook couscous and combine it with milk and your favorite fruit. This is a good way to include carbohydrates in your healthy breakfast. If you don’t have enough time, you can prepare this recipe for two or three days beforehand and store it in the fridge, so you don’t have to make it every morning.

Other types of breakfast

-Fresh herb omelet: you can vary the aromatic herbs that you add to your omelet, in order to give it a different flavor every day: oregano, parsley, basil…

-Egg and mushroom burrito: put a little olive oil in a pan and add mushrooms (previously chopped) and an egg. Once you have everything in the pan, stir and saute lightly for a few minutes. To finish, place this mixture in the burrito and your delicious breakfast will be ready.

-Sandwich: there are a variety of sandwiches that you can prepare for your breakfast. You can use turkey, low-calorie cheese and add different fresh vegetables to taste. In addition to this, we recommend you to use whole-wheat bread slices.

-Chia pudding with chocolate and yogurt: this recipe is perfect for people who like to eat sweet things. Remember that you need to let chia seeds soak for at least one hour (you can also leave them to soak overnight). Then, add the other ingredients to this creamy and tasty pudding.

Vegan pancakes.

-Light crepes: to make this, you need two glasses of skim milk, 3.5 oz of wheat flour and 3.5 oz of wholemeal flour, 1.5 oz of sugar and three eggs. In addition, a little oil and butter and 5.3 oz of fruit and 2.6 oz of dark chocolate.

To begin the dough, we mix the eggs with the two sifted flours, sugar, skimmed milk and 0.7 oz of butter. We will let this dough chill for about 30 minutes in the fridge.

Afterward, put a frying pan on the stovetop, and add just a little oil. Stir the dough, pour two tablespoons into the pan and brown on both sides. Repeat this procedure until all of the crepes are cooked.

Then fill the crepes with your favorite fruits and a little-melted chocolate.


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