Health Benefits of Asparagus

Asparagus boasts so many health advantages. Make it a regular in your daily diet!
Health Benefits of Asparagus

Last update: 10 May, 2019

Both green and white asparagus are great options to include in your regular diet. It might not seem nutritious, but looks couldn’t be more deceiving! Many nutritionists actually recommend it, in healthy quantities of course.

For the most part, people who already eat asparagus consider their high water content, thus diuretic properties, ideal for weight loss. But many people aren’t familiar with the other benefits that this vegetable has in store.

Nutritional benefits of asparagus

Asparagus has high vitamin A, C and E contents and also boasts minerals such as potassium and phosphate. Their nutritional load makes them a wonderful dietary option for the body. And don’t forget that these minerals help strengthen and maintain muscles, among other things.

  • 100 grams of asparagus only has 23 calories. Only 4.5 percent of those calories are carbohydrates. In short, this vegetable is light, low-fat and also loaded with water. It’s only 0.2 percent fat while being 92.4 percent water.
  • You can eat them every day because they don’t have a high sodium content. In 100 grams, you’ll only find 2 milligrams of sodium.
asparagus nutrition 1

But nutritional content will vary with each bunch as well as with the cooking and eating method. Likewise, the flavor will vary as well. For example, wild asparagus will have a much stronger flavor than their white counterparts.

Health benefits of asparagus

To get you excited about adding this incredible vegetable into your daily diet, we want to explain their health benefits. You won’t believe how such a simple vegetable can have such a positive impact on your body.

1. Diuretic properties

Just as we mentioned earlier, asparagus are full of water. As a natural result, they prevent water retention. It’s a great help for people who suffer from renal or hypertension problems.

2. Laxative properties

Wild asparagus contains high fiber content. It helps stimulate the digestive system, avoiding constipation problems. If you have a slower digestive tract, this vegetable can help things move along.

3. Strengthens bones

Thanks to its vitamin K content, asparagus is great for keeping bones strong and healthy. That’s precisely why they’re recommended for children and the elderly. A regular serving will not only strengthen bones but also help to prevent injuries.

asparagus bones 2

4. Prevents colds and flu

Asparagus are considered to be natural antibiotics. Their nutritional properties boost the immune system. As a result, eating them is a natural way to ward off colds and the flu.

5. Keeps you full

They might be low-calorie, but these vegetables keep hunger at bay, which could be a huge help for going overboard at meal times.

Different ways to enjoy asparagus

Light and healthy, you can enjoy them all-year-round– not just on a diet. You can look for frozen or canned options when they’re not in season.

enjoying asparagus 3

Asparagus is easy-to-cook, versatile and always make an interesting meal. Here are two ideas for enjoying asparagus:

  • Ham and asparagus lasagna. This delicious recipe is a wonderful way to enjoy this vegetable. It’s a hit for children and adults alike. Just as you’ll read in the recipe, the preparation calls for ham and onion. Assemble the lasagna and cover it with a bechamel sauce and a hint of nutmeg.
  • Green asparagus gazpacho. This recipe is perfect for the summer. It’s quite simple to prepare and very refreshing. If you want to jazz up the plating, serve it in little bowls and add chopped boiled eggs on top. Your guests will absolutely love this deliciously simple gazpacho.

Additionally, there are other delightful ways to enjoy asparagus. Or, you could always grill and serve them as a side for a meat or fish dish.

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