Learn the Benefits of Baking Food Instead of Frying It

In today's post, we'll look at why baking food is healthier than frying food. We'll also suggest some delicious recipes that you can prepare in the oven.
Learn the Benefits of Baking Food Instead of Frying It

Last update: 13 November, 2019

Among the various ways that we cook, frying food instead of baking food will add more fat to our diets. Whether it’s processed food or organic food. The truth is, baking and roasting are better ways to prepare food and are less costly.

In our hectic modern lives, we tend to think that frying as a method of cooking is quicker and more economical.

However, if we stop to think a little, we’ll take into account the benefits of swapping frying for baking in the oven. We’ll not only save time and money but we’ll also have a healthier lifestyle.

Eight reasons to switch from frying food to baking food

Baked fish on a plate
  1. Trans fats present in oils that we use to fry foods are associated with hardening of the arteries. They increase the risk of heart disease and strokes.
  2. They increase the levels of LDL, which is the “bad cholesterol” and decrease the amount of HDL, which is the “good cholesterol”.
  3. Fatty foods increase the risk of obesity and type 2 diabetes.
  4.  The majority of fried foods contain MSG (toxic salts) which is a substance that decomposes calcium, creating problems in the joints.
  5. The oils that we use to fry food is rich in polyunsaturated fats. As a result, they decompose rapidly to create aldehyde components. These components increase the risk of neurological disease.
  6. Fried foods destroy nutrients, adding fats and empty calories.
  7. Another negative is that fried foods cause the natural body filters to function at a deficit. This is especially true when it comes to the kidneys.
  8. When foods rich in carbohydrates reach high temperatures when fried, they produce acrylamide,                    which is carcinogenic.

Advantages of baking food

The main benefit of baking food instead of frying it is that the food’s nutritional value stays intact. In addition, you’re cooking with less fat and fewer calories.

Chicken legs frying in fat.


Baking food in the oven is safe and the heat is dry and uniform. The food is sealed from the outside maintaining its juices and nutrients, such as vitamins and minerals.  Since they don’t need added oils, they don’t affect our cholesterol levels.

It’s important to know the correct temperature and time you need to cook the food that you prepare. Also, experts recommend preheating the oven before using it. In this way, you’ll set the temperature and keep it constant.

What’s more, there are many foods that you can prepare in the oven. These include poultry, fish, pork, lamb, bread, pizza, pasta, vegetables, rice, cookies, and cakes.

A healthy alternative: frying in the oven

We can’t deny that certain foods are delectable when fried. For example, those that have their own crunchy texture. Nevertheless, we can achieve this by using a conventional oven, without consuming so many calories.

There’s a wonderful variety of foods that you can prepare in the oven. These include eggs, croquettes, potatoes, fish sticks, and empanadas among many others. Cooking in this way means you conserve the flavor and original texture of the food.

Adding an excellent and healthy suggestion, you can prepare delicious fried chicken in the oven, following this simple recipe:

  • Ingredients: 1/4 cup of butter, 1/2 cup of all-purpose flour, a pinch of paprika, a pinch of salt, pepper, and chopped chicken.
  • Directions: preheat the oven to 374 degrees and melt the butter in a baking pan. Mix the flour, paprika, salt and pepper in a bowl. Coat the chicken with this mixture and bake for 30 minutes on each side.
Chicken wings in barbeque sauce to show that method of cooking


Additional options for baking food instead of frying

Another alternative to baking food is to roast food on the grill or barbeque. It’s easy enough and only requires dry wood or charcoal and a grill. The food maintains its vitamins and minerals and there’s no need to add oil or other types of fats.

The food acquires a crunchy texture while staying moist and juicy inside. You can roast white and red meat as well as fruits such as bananas, pineapples, apples, strawberries, and many others.

Grilling adds a special flavor and some foods can be used as a garnish for a special dish. This is the case for peppers which are rich in antioxidants, along with onions, mushrooms, asparagus, and avocados.

Cooking on the grill is another easy alternative. It’s fast and economical when we opt for a healthier lifestyle. The majority of foods can use this technique for cooking.

In conclusion, we can make the decision to change our diets by testing these different cooking methods. And as a result, this will allow us to protect our health and lengthen our lives.

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