4 Ways to Lose Weight with Coconut Oil

Learn about all the different ways you can use coconut oil, and achieve your ideal weight with this precious natural product.
4 Ways to Lose Weight with Coconut Oil

Last update: 04 July, 2019

You’ve surely heard about coconut oil and its multiple properties? Today, we want to focus on the attributes of coconut oil that may help us to lose weight.

Firstly, we’ll analyze if coconut oil is actually effective to lose weight. We’ll also talk about all of the different uses it has. You won’t get bored of using it, in the same way, all the time!

Why does coconut oil help to lose weight?

Ninety percent of coconut oil is composed of saturated fats. Those fats go straight from the digestive system into the liver. This organ uses them as energy to achieve the following effects in our body:

  • Promote fat loss. This helps us to reach our ideal weight sooner.
  • Decrease our appetite. It combats the feeling of hunger and helps to avoid binge eating.
  • Reduces abdominal fat. This is very interesting because abdominal fat is one of the most stubborn fats to eliminate.
  • Boosts the metabolism. Our body processes our food faster, which results in a greater weight loss.

However, you must keep in mind that a single food can’t make us drop to our ideal weight. Coconut oil is a great way to help in the process to lose weight, but we won’t be able to do this without eating correctly and working out regularly.

Different ways to use coconut oil to lose weight

Now that you know about the benefits of coconut oil, we’re sure you’re eager to try it. Using it, in the same way, every single time may seem boring; to avoid that, there are different applications and recipes you can try.

A coconut next to a glass of coconut oil

You’ll be surprised to know that a product that seems so simple can actually be used in many different ways. Take a look and choose the applications that work well with your lifestyle and taste.

The perfect salad dressing

Salads are staple recipes in any weight loss plan. We love them because they’re super healthy, and there are so many ways to make them that it’s impossible to become bored.

While it’s true that you can drizzle coconut oil over any salad, we recommend not to add any of these ingredients. It doesn’t matter if it’s a salad, those ingredients won’t help you to lose weight.

Vegetable stir-fry with coconut oil to lose weight

veggie stir-fry goes perfectly with any meat or fish. It’s easy to make, but it’s also packed with nutrients.

You can pour a dash of coconut oil in the pan to cook your vegetables. Once the oil is hot, add all of the other ingredients and stir-fry them. You’ll enjoy healthy vegetables with an original and different taste.

Having coconut oil with your coffee or tea

A fantastic way to start your day is by adding a splash of coconut oil to your cup of coffee or tea at breakfast. You may find it a bit weird to mix these two ingredients, but they’ll turn into a hot beverage with a delicious flavor. We recommend starting by adding a little every day so that you can get used to the taste.

A woman drinking a cup of coffee with coconut oil to lose weight

Warm coconut oil drink to lose weight

Another way you can use coconut oil is to make a warm beverage. All you have to do is heat up a little water in a pot. Once it’s boiling, add the coconut oil, stir it and let the mixture rest. Drink it throughout the day while it’s warm to curve your appetite. It’ll help you to avoid feeling hungry until your next meal.

In conclusion, coconut oil is very interesting for people who are trying to lose weight. Wise advice is to introduce it progressively into your diet. This will make the process easier, as you’ll become accustomed to the taste.

Lastly, keep in mind that it’s not a good idea to consume more than three tablespoons per day. That’s the perfect amount to enjoy all of the benefits of this interesting product.

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