Take Advantage of Free Online Training During Quarantine

The current coronavirus pandemic has left us all stuck at home. But it's also given us the possibility of taking advantage of free online training classes that we'd otherwise have to pay for. We'll tell you about a few of our favorites.
Take Advantage of Free Online Training During Quarantine

Last update: 27 May, 2020

The current COVID-19 situation has made it necessary for a large part of the world’s population to stay at home. At the same time, many businesses and activities have had to restructure and adapt to working online. In today’s article, we’ll tell you about some of the free online fitness training sessions that you can take advantage of during quarantine. That’s right! Now, you can train at home without having to pay!

Free online training during the quarantine

Every day, thousands of different routines are popping up on the social media profiles of fitness trainers and gyms. But now, many of them have joined the initiative of offering their content for free. Those same classes you usually have to pay for–and that often tend to be expensive–are now open to the public. So, why not take this opportunity while it lasts?

Today, we want to tell you how to take advantage of these free online training courses that you can do from home. That way, not only can you stay in shape or develop a new habit, you can do it at no cost.

One of the most popular examples that everyone’s talking about has to do with the Australian actor, Chris Hemsworth. Hemsworth has decided to offer six weeks of free training through an application called Fitness Centr.

In a video that appears on his Instagram account, the actor from Avengers has announced that users can log into the app and access a 6-week free trial. The application usually has a monthly fee of $30, so you’re actually saving $45. Besides offering exercise routines, the app also offers nutritional tips and advice for staying positive and caring for your mental health during this period.

We’re not saying you’re going to end up with a six-pack! But at least you’ll have a routine, and avoid becoming sedentary during the quarantine.

Gyms that offer online training through streaming

Continuing on with the idea of taking advantage of free online training during quarantine, we have the Metropolitan Gym. This famous chain has locations in several Spanish cities, including Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo, and Murcia.

Staying fit at home.

The Metropolitan Gym has begun streaming their classes live on their Instagram account @metropolitangym. What’s more, using the #quedateencasa hashtag (“stayathome”), you can find key videos, about exercising at home during quarantine. You’ll also find several Spotify playlists to help you to keep moving.

The staff at the Antonio Díaz Miguel Municipal Sports Center of Madrid have done something similar. Voluntarily and at no cost, they’ve invited their students–and the general public–to follow their videos and life exercise sessions.

You can access their Instagram account at @yo_entreno_en_casa and find various types of classes including body combat, abs workouts, pilates, and GAP. You’ll also discover advice from nutritionists about how to maintain a healthy diet during confinement.

At the same time, this is a great time to take advantage of classes that offer free monitoring and training on social media. For example, you can choose from @reto48, @paulaordovas, @juanjotrainer, @pau_inspirafit, @womanpersonaltrainers, @xuanlan and many more. All you have to do is follow them on their Instagram accounts and wait for their live classes… or look for training videos in their feeds.

Free online training apps for during the quarantine

Another way to take advantage of online training classes is by downloading free applications to your cell phone. We recommend the following:

1. Freeletics

Freeletics offers complete high-intensity interval training (HIIT). This project started in Germany and has grown into a large worldwide community of “freeletes”, as followers call themselves. The best part is that you can download content as often as you want, free of charge.

Fitness applications for your smartphone.

2. 7 Minutes

As its name indicates, you can use this app to train for short intervals, which lasts for 7 minutes each. And yes, you read that right… that’s all the time you’ll need.

Now that you’re in quarantine, you can no longer use lack of time as an excuse… especially when all it takes is seven minutes! This application has more than three million users around the world. And it’s free!

3. Stretching & Pilates Sworkit

Another way to take advantage of free online training during quarantine is with the Sworkit applicationStretching is super important right now since you’re probably spending a lot of time sitting down… Or, let’s be honest, flopped on the couch or bed. Stretching in the morning or in the afternoon can be a great activity to enjoy these days.

Stay active during the quarantine!

There are so many applications, individual training, and fitness centers that are offering free membership during the quarantine. Don’t miss this opportunity to get in shape, stay active, and save money. Without a doubt, these offers will only be available for a limited time until we can all get out and head to the gym!

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