5 Rice Recipes to Accompany Your Exercise Routine

Rice is one of the great allies when it comes to cooking versatile and nutritious meals. That being said, here are some ideas for rice recipes.
5 Rice Recipes to Accompany Your Exercise Routine

Last update: 07 March, 2021

Rice recipes are one of the key foods in terms of planned nutrition. This carbohydrate is definitely complete, nutritious, and easy to digest. Its versatility allows athletes to use it in their daily diets, whether they want to lose weight or gain muscle mass.

Rice is hardly ever mentioned in regard to the nutritional contributions it can make to your meals. But this grain should dominate the dishes that an athlete eats during training. Therefore, we’ll show you some recipe combinations that can be enjoyed alongside physical conditioning.

Chicken and rice: the lunch of champions

There’s no better meal for athletes than chicken and rice. Both elements help us tone up, build muscle, and stay well-nourished. If we accompany them with vegetables, we’ll have everything we need for body building.

Only eight ounces of skinless chicken and a cup of rice are more than enough. A good option is to accompany this dish with olive oil and broccoli. The chicken should be skinless and prepared without resorting to frying, thus avoiding the accumulation of fat.

The protein can also be seasoned with spices and other vegetables, although the rice will offer the foundation of maintaining texture. Don’t forget that the starch in the rice has a great satiating effect.

Varying the rice recipe: chicken curry

A plate of chicken curry and rice.

Some sauces are okay as long as you eat the meal at a time of day that allows for later digestion. In this way, we slightly reinforce the flavor and richness in the sum of nutrients.

The sauce of chicken curry is almost always cream-based, although an oatmeal preparation can be used, which is lower in fat. The lunches of athletes can have flavor, as long as the ingredients are balanced.

Similarly, we shouldn’t exceed one cup of rice. This dish will provide us with important nutrients for our body, such as vitamin A, C, potassium, iron, sodium, and phosphorus.

Rice recipes to accompany your exercise routine: a seafood dinner

One fitness rule is that you shouldn’t eat carbohydrates at night. But if we don’t wait until late at night and we control the quantities, we can consume rice. At this time, accompanying rice with chicken or beef won’t be the best option.

But fish could be a healthy and low-fat accompaniment. Around 3.5 ounces of fish and a serving of vegetables will provide the ideal level of protein.

Rice and seafood.
Image: superpola.com

In this sense, 3/4 cups of rice will be more than enough to fill you up and provide you with the necessary protein load. More than that will contribute to increased weight, an aspect that bodybuilders and other athletes seek to control.

Rice recipes: avocado, cheese, and salads

Mixing vegetables and rice as main ingredients is ideal for the evening. At lunch, this type of dish can be insufficient if it comes to nutrient intake. But to close the day, these types of ingredients are good to combine with our exercise plan.

There are many rice recipes that we can try and vary. An ideal light salad is rice salad with avocado and fresh cheese, accompanied with cilantro and lemon dressing to enhance the flavor.

A cold rice salad with peas, carrots, and avocado.

In the case of a more robust meal, we can add eggs or ham to rice salad. These are ideal for those who want more energy resources and to gain weight. Thin people with a fast metabolism can opt for this option in the evening as well.

Rice recipes: a delicious rice pudding snack

Snacks allow us to have access to natural and low-fat sweets if we eat them in limited quantities. One dessert that can be nutritious and moderate is rice pudding.

Rice pudding recipes combine grains and dairy products, which can provide a reactivating supply of protein and carbohydrates. The preparation of this dessert is quite healthy and is central to avoid gaining extra pounds.

Rice pudding is one of the rice recipes you can enjoy.

These are all good rice recipes when it comes to accompanying your exercise routine. The most important thing is to respect the schedules and the nature of each type of food. The goal to follow will always be to enable our fitness goals with meal planning.

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