Shopping for a Fitness Diet at the Grocery Store

Learn some tips about the foods you can buy when shopping in your usual grocery store. If you want to eat for fitness, we'll tell you how to choose the healthiest options.
Shopping for a Fitness Diet at the Grocery Store

Last update: 30 December, 2018

It’s not uncommon for people to go to different stores or supermarkets that specialize in food for fitness. They’re trying to find foods that are healthy and will help them achieve their objectives. What you might not realize is that you can meet this goal by buying foods for a fitness diet at any normal supermarket.

Just as you’ll see for yourself, you can find healthy foods that are suitable for athletes in any store. Furthermore, most of these products have a significantly lower price than the ones you’ll get in specialty stores.

1. Always choose natural nuts

Only natural nuts are appropriate for a fitness diet.

More and more supermarkets are selling huge selections of all-natural, packaged nuts. Nutritionists recommend this option because nuts have a variety of beneficial properties. Furthermore, if they’re natural, they won’t contain any additives.

When we eat nuts, we’re often consuming a lot of salt or oil, especially if they’re fried. However, if the nuts are natural, we can get all of the benefits from this food in a healthy way.

Nuts are a versatile ingredient in the kitchen. You can eat them in a practically infinite number of ways. If you prefer the most practical option, put a package of them in your bag and keep them as a healthy snack. Other ways of eating them are mixing them with yogurt, salads, or even baking them into your homemade fitness treats.

2. Oatmeal flakes: a classic to include in your fitness diet

Oatmeal flakes are a fundamental food for any athlete. They’re a great source of energy and protein. This food will give you enough endurance and nutrients to meet your objectives.

You can find oatmeal flakes in any supermarket. They’ll be in the cereal section and you can get them in a variety of formats. They’re perfect for cooking porridge, pancakes, treats, or just mixing them with yogurt.

Since this is a natural product, it conserves all of its beneficial qualities. Being that it’s a whole grain food, it has a huge quantity of fiber. This is definitely one of the foods to keep in mind for athletes as well as for their families.

3. Lean cold cuts of meat

Lean meats are one of the most versatile foods that you should always stock in your refrigerator. They should be available for those times when you’re tired and don’t feel like cooking. On the other hand, you might find yourself in a rush without any time to make breakfast. In those cases, lean cold cuts can provide you with what you need.

You can find a wide range of lean cold meats in all supermarkets. You just have to know how to tell the difference between them in order to find the best option for your health and fitness goals. We recommend these three choices:

  • Lean pork tenderloin. It has very little fat and it’s perfect for making snacks.
  • Baked chicken strips. You can find these in the lean cold cut section. They’re very versatile. You can use them as the base for fajitas, on pasta, sauté them with vegetables, and so much more.
  • Low-fat lean turkey breast slices. Turkey is one of the meats with the lowest fat content. It also has a considerable amount of protein. We recommend that you check the content of the specific product you’re buying though, because, surprisingly, some so-called turkey items only contain 55 – 60 percent turkey.
It's possible to buy foods for a fitness diet at any supermarket.

4. Have you visited the “fit” section in your supermarket?

Some years ago, it would have been unthinkable for any supermarket chain to devote a particular section to foods suitable for a fitness diet. Today, you can find specialty products for athletes in the aisles of many stores.

We recommend that you take a quick look and discover the yogurts, supplements, or protein-enhanced and low-fat energy bars. These can help you achieve your athletic objectives more quickly.

Aside from their nutritional characteristics, one great advantage is that the supermarket’s own brand can be very cheap.

Grocery shopping for a fitness diet in your normal supermarket is possible. You can reach your goals with common, easy-to-find, and affordable products. This will allow you to maintain a healthy lifestyle without too much hassle.

This text is provided for informational purposes only and does not replace consultation with a professional. If in doubt, consult your specialist.